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Shalash the Iraqi

"Shalash", Luke
First (authorised) publication (in any language) of a wildly popular, anonymously written serial novel that started life as a blog during the US invasion of Iraq

The Proof

Aira, Cesar
Marcia is sixteen and unhappy. One day, she hears a shout: 'Wannafuck?' Startled, she turns and is confronted by punk girls Lenin and Mao. She's soon beguiled, but the two have little time for philosophical discussions of love: they need proof, and with their own savage logic the duo stage a hold-up in an unforgettable splatter-fest finale.

The Gurugu Pledge

Avila Laurel, Juan-Tomas
Informed by first-hand accounts, this funny yet chilling refugees' tale offers a distinctly African perspective on a global crisis.

Dear Evelyn

Page, Kathy
Born between the wars in working-class South London, Harry is a scholarship boy. Full of literary dreams, he visits Battersea Library and discovers Evelyn, a magnetic girl from a narrow street not far from his own. Dear Evelyn is an unconventional love story of two people shaping each other as they, their marriage and their country change.

The Unmapped Country: Stories and Fragments

Quin, Ann
The lost stories of a remarkable writer who distinctively embodies the radical spirit of the 1960s

I'll Sell You a Dog

Villalobos, Juan Pablo
Everything that can be done to fend off the boredom of retirement and old age, while still holding a beer.