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Easy Vegan Bible: 200 easiest ever plant-based recipes

Beskow, Katy
Over 200 recipes for simple, straightforward and delicious plant-based meals - from from best-selling author Katy Beskow.


Carluccio, Antonio
Like most Italians, the great Antonio Carluccio loves vegetables. In this book he turns his attention to his favourites, and many others, adding up to over 100 different varieties.

Grow Green

Chillingsworth, Jen
Advice, tips and recipes to show you how to garden more organically

How to be Adored

Cox, Caroline
How to be Adored is a style guide with a difference, featuring secrets and advice from a roll call of history's most seductive women and is packed with useful information and advice, supported by wise words from those that really know.

Dreams: Interpretations, Hidden Meanings, Symbols

Davies, Alison
Discover the secrets of the stories in your sleep and be an expert of understanding your dreams.

How to be Sugar-Free and Keep Your Friends

Davies, Megan
Enjoy being sugar-free with over 50 incredible recipes, as well as tips and tricks for living happily without refined sugar.

Sour: the magical element that will transform your cooking

Diacono, Mark
The definitive cookbook on all things sour, from kimchi to kefir, citrus to sourdough

Red Sands: Reportage and Recipes Through Central Asia, from Hinterland to Heartland

Eden, Caroline
Unique exploration of the people and food of Central Asia, follow-up to the award-winning Black Sea

How to Make Anything Gluten Free: Over 100 Recipes for Everything from Home Comforts to Fakeaways, Cakes to Dessert, Brunch to Bread

Excell, Becky
Make eating and cooking gluten-free easy with Becky Excell's revolutionary new book!

Scandinavian Green: Simple ways to eat vegetarian, every day

Hahnemann, Trine
Scandinavian Green celebrates the abundance of produce that each new season brings and the simple ways in which it can be enjoyed in every meal.