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Priddy, Roger

Adventure Duck vs Power Pug

Cole, Steve
There's no ducking out - it's time for this ordinary, wise-quacking duck to become . . . A Hero!

Adventure Duck vs the Armadillo Army

Cole, Steve
The duck with the supersonic quack is back! Adventure Duck, the world's unlikeliest superhero, has a tasty new mission - saving the world from DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!

Adventure Duck vs The Wicked Walrus

Cole, Steve
There's no ducking out - an Arctic space race is on and Adventure Duck must defeat his new nemesis, the Wicked Walrus!

Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes

Deen, Sophie

Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang: Book 1

East, Nick
Meet Agent Weasel: woodland super-spy. Can he foil the dastardly Fiendish Fox Gang once and for all? And will he still be home in time for tea and biscuits? Perfect for reading alone or sharing together, for fans of The Bolds and Mr Gum.

Agents of the Wild 2: Operation Icebeak

Bell, Jennifer

Agents of the Wild: Operation Honeyhunt

Bell, Jennifer

Alfie Green and a Sink Full of Frogs

O'Brien, Joe
The second book in an enchanting new series of adventures featuring a boy whose life every child will want to have.

Alfie Green and the Magical Gift

O'Brien, Joe
The first book in an enchanting series of adventures featuring a boy whose life every child will want to have. Now in paperback

Alfie Green and the Monkey Puzzler

O'Brien, Joe
The circus has come to town. But it's no ordinary circus. All the kids from Budsville are really excited, except for Alfie who suspects all is not what it seems ...

Alfie's Christmas

Hughes, Shirley
Join Alfie and Annie Rose for Christmas! Alfie opens his advent calendar and makes cards and presents. He sings carols and decorates the tree. And he writes a special letter to Father Christmas... But what will Father Christmas bring on Christmas Day? It's going to be such an exciting day! The perfect stocking-filler for Alfie fans everywhere.