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Barnewall De Berneval - 800 Years a Norman-Irish Invasion

Arnold, Aidan
For 800 years the Barnewall De Berneval family walked a dangerous tightrope straddling English rule and Irish rights. This book finally tells their truly amazing story.

Sleep Well: Eight Habits to help you Fall asleep, stay asleep, wake up refreshed

Brennan, Fiona
An 8 week programme that will transform your relationship with sleep forever.

Everybody Is a Poem: Midlife in Rhymes

Brierton, Jan
'Accidental poet' Jan Brierton returns with a brand-new book EVERYBODY IS A POEM. Taking its name from her popular podcast, EVERYBODY IS A POEM is a compact collection of poems about love, loss, aging, the mental load, menopause and everything in between.

No Peace Until He's Dead : My Story of Abuse at the Hands of Davy Tweed and My Journey to Recovery

Brown, Amanda
In this candid memoir, Amanda Brown chronicles the unimaginable sexual abuse she suffered from the age of eight at the hands of her stepfather, Davy Tweed.

The Little Book of Celtic Mindfulness

Byrne, Sarah
Let this wonderful collection of old Irish proverbs, in English and the original Gaeilge, help still your thoughts and lighten your mind.

Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass

Caron, David

Broken Circle

Casey, Michael
Discovery, rediscovery, and creation, whether it happens by chance, transcendence, or hard graft are the central themes for Broken Circle...

Dan Breen : Man Behind The Myth - Tipperary's Famous Revolutionary

Connors, John
Anyone with an interest in Irish history is aware of the legend of Dan Breen.

Spirit Level

Craven, Richy
Dealing with his disappointed family and dead-end career, he's sure things couldn't get much worse, until a drink-driving accident leaves his best friend Nudge dead. Danny also discovers he can see ghosts - but only when he's drunk.

Irish Forestry Society 1902-1923

Crawford, Hugh
‘The Irish Forestry Society 1902–1923’ is a hugely interesting and investigative piece of research and it reveals much about Ireland in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Monto : Dublin's Infamous Red-Light District

Curtis, Maurice
MONTO, this latest book from Historian and author, Maurice Curtis, explores the fascinating story of this dark remnant of Dublin’s past, complete with its gambling, music, singing, drinking, fighting, its revelry and rowdy taverns, but most important, its hundreds of brothels.