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Seek And Find Leaving Certifcate Religion Veritas

Broderick, Katherina
Introducing 'Seek and Find', a new Senior Cycle textbook for non-examination Religious Education. Written by Katherina Broderick, Elaine Costelloe and Brendan O'Regan. Edited by Ailís Travers.

On Lough Derg: Veritas 50th Anniversary Edition

On Lough Derg, first published in 1988, includes fascinating esays by Bishop Joseph Duffy, who explores the historical background to the site, and novelist Deirdre Purcell, who travels to Lough Derg during Holy Week to meet pilgrims partaking in three arduous days of prayer and fasting. Featuring captivating images by award-winning photographer Liam Blake, this book, which includes a new foreword, is an ideal gift for former or would-be pilgrims who wish to follow in St Davog’s footsteps and for anyone interested in Ireland's impossibly rich cultural heritage.

Patrick in His Own Words

Patrick in His Own Words also contains an enlightening commentary from Bishop Joseph Duffy which invites the reader to share in Patrick’s great wisdom and be inspired by the example of this remarkable saint who faced the mystery of life and death with exemplary courage and refreshing honesty.

The Inner Place - Student Workbook

Gunning, Tom
A new workbook to accompany the very popular 'The Inner Place' for Senior Cycle students who are not taking Religious Education as an examination subject. This workbook contains worksheets to encourage students to explore further the ideas and concepts which are presented in the textbook

Religion The Irish Experience - Faith Seeking Understanding Series - Veritas

Gunning, Tom
Unit Three. Section I - The Irish Experience. Innovative and comprehensive series of texts from Veritas for the new Leaving Certificate Religious Education (LCRE) syllabus.