Understanding Feelings and Emotions

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Happy!: A First Book of Feelings

Murphy, Mary

I am Henry Finch

Deacon, Alexis
From award-winning picture book makers Alexis Deacon and Viviane Schwarz comes an enlightening new story about courage and making a difference.

I Am: A Book About Feelings

Melvin, Alice
A brand new charming board book series, with beautiful and stylish paper-cut illustrations designed for Introducing first concepts. I Am focuses on baby's feelings and looks at the importance of the sibling relationship.

I like Bees, I don't like Honey!

Lumbers, Fiona
I like bees . . . but I don't like honey! I like my imaginary friend . . . A beautifully illustrated, funny and thought-provoking book for building confidence and encouraging children to express their feelings - about anything and everything.

It's OK to Cry

Potter, Molly

Knock Back

Burgess, Pauline
When Ben discovers he is adopted, he is determined to find out who his 'real' family are - but why does he want to be committed to Knockmore, a residential farm for 'troubled teens'? What does he hope to learn there?


McGowan, Anthony
Winner of the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal. Nicky and Kenny's mum is coming to visit for the first time in years. But when an outdoor adventure to take their minds off everything goes from bad to worse, there's a chance that not everyone will make it home alive...

Little Mole is a Whirlwind

Llenas, Anna
Little Mole can't stand still. He messes about. He gets distracted. He loses things. He breaks things ... he never stops! People say that he's rude, impatient, restless, useless, naughty, tiring and HYPERACTIVE. His parents are concerned and his teacher is desperate. W ith his end-of-term project coming up, it looks like Little Mole is going to need some help.

Mad, Mad, MAD

Patricelli, Leslie

Milo and Monty

De Rond, Roxana
Milo and Monty are very different dogs. Monty enjoys hugs and noisy playtimes, but Milo prefers to avoid people and hide in a cosy, quiet space. One day, during a family reunion, Milo finds cousin Henry is hiding in his special space. Henry also finds hugs uncomfortable, dislikes loud noises, and has a favourite toy that he takes everywhere...