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Wonders and Legends of Lough Neagh

Arbuthnot, Sharon
This short book takes a fresh look at the wonders and legends inspired by Lough Neagh, revisiting sources composed more than a thousand years ago to relate how the stories were originally told, what message their authors were trying to convey and what natural phenomena they may have observed around the lough in the early Middle Ages.

Place names in Ulster

Bardon, Jonathan
Originally published as Investigating Place Names in Ulster, and subsequently reprinted as Place Names in the North of Ireland this guide is a superb introduction and essential reading for anyone making a foray into the origins of the place names of Ulster.

The Belfast Blitz: The City in the War Wars

Barton, Brian

The Book of Ulster Surnames

Bell, Robert
The Book of Ulster Surnames has over 500 entries of the most common family names of the nine county province of Ulster, with reference to thousands more.

Presbyterians and the Irish Language

Blaney, Roger
Presbyterians and the Irish Language, originally published in 1996, is the first to establish the rightful place of the Irish language in the Presbyterian heritage in Ireland.

The Origins of the Dairy Industry in Ulster

Chambers, George

The Catholic Community In The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries

Corish, Patrick J.
The Catholic Church has been a very important presence in the history of modern Ireland. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are in a very real sense the time when it took on the form that made it such a weighty social force in the life of the nation.