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Charting Your Life's Roadmap In An

Duignan, Nuala

I Want to Really Learn about Horses

Gillespie, T. J.
T.J. Gillespie, growing up in the county of Sligo on the west coast of Ireland, saw horses all around him and took them for granted. Some enchanted day, he knew he must learn more so, he listened and watched and read, and thought out the prevailing wisdom. He put theory to the test, seeing what worked, gathering experience and not sparing himself in the effort for perfection. He devised and presented a very popular series of Horse and Pony Management courses, under the County Meath VEC Adult Education scheme, thereby gaining insight into other owners' problems and points of view. Now, he shares his unique experience of working with horses in this easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide with illustrations and diagrams throughout

The Much-Maligned Mary Pike

Groeger, Kieran

An Inheritance Celebrated

Hand-Campbell, Teresa

Operation: Save Santa

Ihaza, D.T.
An action-packed, adventure-laden Christmas tale for children and young adults that is perfectly paced and doesn't disappoint. More so, it is a book that will be enjoyed by all ages (with special resonances those who are young at heart) for its universal story about childhood and growing up. Some may even detect echoes of J.M. Barrie's timeless classic.

Drowned Out Voices - Paranormal Investigation in Ireland

Kerrigan, Anthony
‘Drowned Out Voices’ gives us a chance to follow GhostÉire, a “paranormal psychical study group”, as they continue on their journey to reach beyond the veil, at 13 historic locations around the country.

The Rising Of Haunted Ireland - Ghost Éire

Kerrigan, Anthony
2016 Publication. Join Ghost Éire paranormal research team as they travel around various regions in Ireland, investigating plausible hauntings. Experience what they have encountered and their reasons for unexplainable happenings.

Between the Moon and the Fire: Life in Surfing Moments

Kevany, Sebastian
In Between the Moon and the Fire Sebastian Kevany describes more than one hundred moments of wave-riding around and across the globe, from Ireland to Indonesia. He explores each episode to identify exactly what made it stand out and endure: what was the unique combination of circumstances and events that brought the surfer to that moment – often, just a few seconds long – in that time and place?

Fever in the Jungle: Inside the World of an Epidemic Troubleshooter

Kevany, Sebastian
"Sebastian captures the fine line between success and failure in tackling some of the greatest challenges facing humanity… a book that will inspire involvement in the work of epidemic control in inhospitable places." – Mark Pollock, explorer, speaker and strategist; author of Making it Happen

Is It Me?: The Joseph Heffernan Story

Kiernan, Jack

I Declare Before My God: The Brian and James Seery Story

Kiernan, Jack
Once again, Jack Kiernan carefully assembles the available evidence in a manner that lets the reader decide while, at the same time, leaving no doubt as to how he views the matter. He also offers a stinging critique of the prevailing colonial mindsets and Ascendancy attitudes of the time, which resulted in so many travesties of justice.

Where Did They Get You?

McDonnell, Bridget P.