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The Adulterous Muse

Frazier, Adrian
This biography pursues the story of what attracted Maud Gonne to a man like Lucien Millevoye, and what imprint the attachment left upon her.

Trinity College Dublin: The College Historical Society Oratory and Debate 1770-2020

Geoghegan, Patrick
Dr Patrick M. Geoghegan is a lecturer in the Department of History at Trinity College Dublin. He is the author of The Irish Act of Union and Robert Emmet: A Life and is the presenter of the award-winning radio programme, Talking History, on Newstalk.

Your Children Are Not Your Children

Goulding, Lingard
From the portraits of the colourful characters on its staff to the first-hand accounts from its pupils throughout every era, set off by a chorus of extracts from the 'Headmaster's Newsletter', this is a living, breathing account of Headfort School.

Under The Metal Man: Sligo in Yeats

Hassett, Joseph M.
This handsome volume presents more than twenty images of book covers, poems and other works that reflect Sligo's presence in the work of W.B. Yeats and his family.

The Ulysses Trials: Beauty and Truth Meet the Law

Hassett, Joseph M.
The publishers of Ulysses by James Joyce were brought to trial and convicted of obscenity in the USA in 1921. The Ulysses Trials chronicles the progress of the trials and adds not only to the understanding of Joyce but also to the history of the laws of obscenity, censorship and freedom of speech.

Portrait of a Century

Haughton, Kim
In a collection of one hundred photographs Kim Haughton's new body of work Portrait of a Century offers a stunning portrait of contemporary Ireland as it reflects upon the centenary of the nation's birth in 1916.

Constance Markievicz Irish Revolutionary

Haverty, Anne M.
A revised edition of this landmark 1988 illustrated biography of one of the great women of Irish history, and Europe's first elected female politician.

Trinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Nineties

Heaney, Catherine
Encompassing the worlds of science, the arts and everything in between, this new instalment of Trinity Tales features actors Dominic West and Mario Rosenstock, writers and journalists Turtle Bunbury, Claire Kilroy and Belinda McKeon, eminent scientists such as Austin Duffy, and sportsman Mark Pollock.

Introducing Moriarty

Higgins, Michael
Canadian theologian and academic Michael W. Higgins compiles the essential writings of Irish philosopher and mystic, John Moriarty.

Reclaiming The European Street : Signed Copies Available

Higgins, Michael D.
This edition collects all of the major speeches by President Higgins on the topic of Europe since 2016. They encompass interventions on historical aspects, bilateral cultural links, citizens' involvement in the European project, workers' rights and ecological concerns.

History of Magpies

Hogan, Desmond
A collection of twelve mint fresh stories from the award winning Irish author, described by Neil Jordan as 'the real thing - a writer of great originality, dramatic flair, linguistic invention - who remakes the world every time he puts pen to paper.'

Nothing is Written in Stone: The Notebooks of Justin Keating 1930 - 2009

Hussey, Barbara
Kealy and Hussey have compiled a selection of personal essays by one of Ireland's leading intellectuals and politicians. Dealing with topics as diverse Marxism, care of the earth, Zionism, and education, this illustrated volume sheds light on Keating's often progressive and sometimes controversial views on numerous aspects of Irish society.