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Dublin Review 18 Spring 2005


Dublin Review 27 Summer 2007

Contains more of the writing from Ireland and elsewhere: essays, criticism, fiction and reportage.

Fierce Love: The Life of Mary O'Malley

Adams, Bernard
Fierce Love is sourced from production notebooks and copious correspondence held in NUI Galway, measuring for the first time the achievements of Mary O'Malley, a controversial and resourceful woman swimming against the tide of populism and sectarianism, to establish an independent academy for actors and artists in a tireless quest for imaginative freedom and excellence.

Dublin Made Me

Andrews, C.S.
The first part of C.S. "Todd" Andrews's autobiography tells of his childhood and the part he played in the uprisings in Ireland between 1916 and 1923, from the Easter Rising to the War of Independence and Civil War. It recounts his street fighting against the British and his escape from internment.

Traces of Peter Rice

Barry, Kevin
This book is a collaborative enterprise, British, French and Irish, representing the countries where Peter Rice passed most of his life and the cultures that formed him.

Winged Encounters: Common Birds of Dublin

Beggan, Raymond
A collection of stunning and unexpected images of birds that are part of our daily lives.

A Bit of a Writer: Brendan Behan's Complete Collected Short Prose

Behan, Brendan
This edition of Brendan Behan's Irish newspaper articles gathers all of his work that Behan published in newspapers from 1951 to his death in 1964.

Scattered Love

Besserie, Maylis
In Maylis Besserie's exciting new novel, she turns her attention from Samuel Beckett to another iconic Irish writer, W. B. Yeats. The connection between France in Ireland is once again explored in the context of art, culture and the days at the end of life.

Jessie Lightfoot : La Nanny de Francis Bacon

Besserie, Maylis

Yell, Sam, If You Still Can: Le Tiers Temps

Besserie, Maylis
This novel by Maylis Besserie, the first of her Irish trilogy, shows us Samuel Beckett at the end of his life in 1989, living in Le Tiers-Temps retirement home. It is as if Beckett has come to live in one of his own stage productions, peopled with strange, unhinged individuals, waiting for the end of days.

Irish Flour-Milling: A Thousand Year History

Bielenberg, Andy
This book brings together a series of essays which illuminate the history of the Irish flour milling industry from the medieval period to the present day. Milling was one of Ireland's foremost industries, playing a critically important role in the local economy of many districts, processing some of the key components in the Irish food supply.

Ravelling: 'A glorious novel, tough and hilarious and full of heart'

Birdy, Estelle
SET IN DUBLIN'S LIBERTIES, Estelle Birdy's explosively original debut Ravelling channels the energies and agonies of young men let loose in the city, where they balance their hopes with the harsh realities of their present. Hurtling between friendships, feuds, drug-deals, family and brushes with the law, this is modern Dublin as never before portrayed.