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A Delicate Wildness: The Life and Loves of David Thomson, 1914-1988

Vignoles, Julian
David Thomson was the author of the classic memoir Woodbrook (1976). He was a Scotsman who became an honorary Irishman, writer, folklorist and radio producer. He was described by his friend Seamus Heany as having a 'delicate wildness'. Julian Vignoles' biography describes a talented man who shirked the literati and drank with the London homeless.

A Hut at the Edge of the Village

Moriarty, John
In this small book of big thoughts, award-winning author, mythologist and storyteller Martin Shaw situates Moriarty's work with respect to our eco-conscious era and a readership seeking spiritual and philosophical guidance.

A Letter Marked Personal

Donleavy, J.P.
A Letter Marked Person is a portrait of a deeply flawed sycophant. Donleavy's final novel, it is full of his wit and insight. Tracing a journey from Nathan's aspirational greed to his realization of the pointlessness of his vanity, this is a poignant story of an old man at the end of his days, reflecting upon the futility of human wishes.

A Letter Marked Personal

Donleavy, J.P.
A Letter Marked Personal is J.P. Donleavy's last novel, completed in 2007. Set in New York, it relates the interior monologue of forty-nine-year-old Nathan Langriesh Johnson, the founder of a successful lingerie company.

A Life In Postcards: Melosina Lenox-conyngham

Grene, Sophia
Edited by her niece Sophia Grene, the anthology 'A Life in Postcards' is divided into several sections, each introduced by members of the family or friends, who round out a sense of the writer's life. Melosina Lenox- Conyngham's writings are rich with a delightful sense of humour and her ironic, quizzical pleasure in the world is contagious.

A Life in the Trees

Murphy, Declan
The Great Spotted Woodpecker first bred in Ireland in 2009. Since then the author has followed the daily lives of this species, a family of whom had taken up residence in a wind-torn Spanish chestnut tree near his home in the depths of County Wicklow.

A Lost Tribe

King, William
A Lost Tribe is a novel that charts the role of the priest in Ireland, from his exalted position to one of an endangered species.

A Poet in the House : Patrick Kavanagh at Priory Grove

O'Toole, Elizabeth
In Poet Alive!, a memoir by Elizabeth O'Toole, we encounter a new Patrick Kavanagh. In 1961, the poet lived with O'Toole and her husband for six months at a crucial point in his life.

A Sabbatical in Leipzig

Duncan, Adrian
A retired Irish engineer living alone in Bilbao reflects on his life, work, homes and relationships, structuring his thoughts around key pieces of art and music, focusing particularly on a five-year period of prolonged mental agitation spent with his partner in Leipzig.

A Shared Home Place

Mallon, Seamus
As one of Northern Ireland's most prominent nationalist politicians, Seamus Mallon (1936-2020) always sought the genuine reconciliation of conflicting traditions using only peaceful means. This is his personal testament.

A Single Headstrong Heart

Myers, Kevin
A memoir like no other, passionate, intelligent and revealing of both the age and the individual.


O'Rawe, Richard
By July 1981 four republican hunger strikers had already died in Long Kesh Prison. A fifth, Joe McDonnell, was clinging to life. To outsiders, Margaret Thatcher appeared unbending; yet, far from the prying eyes of the press, her government was making a substantial offer to the prisoners. This book is a sequel to the bestseller "Blanketmen".