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The National Chronicles of a Dun Laoghaire Yacht Club

O'Sullivan, Donal
Describes how the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire developed, from its beginnings as a rowing club, how it nearly went under on a couple of occasions, and ultimately grew into one of the finest yacht clubs in Dublin

The High Crosses of Ireland: Inspirations in Stone

Powell, Elinor D.U.

Polish Irishman - Life & Times of Count Casimar Markievicz

Quigley, Pat
Casimir Markievicz was a Polish count who fell in love with Joan of Arc. His pictures hang in National Gallery in Ireland and in Poland, but despite his famous name, he has been overshadowed by his wife's reputation. This book offers a study of Casimir's work and shows that his relationship with Constance and Ireland was a major part of his life.

Sisters Against the Empire : Countess Constance Markievicz and Eva Gore-Booth 1916-17

Quigley, Patrick
Sisters against the Empire tells the remarkable story of one of Ireland's most famous families at the time of the Easter Rising and its aftermath. Countess Constance Markievicz, one of the leaders of the Rising, and her sister Eva Gore-Booth, her closest ally and confidante.

Here Come the Mountainy Men: A Memoir

Rothery, Sean
A charming, poignant and exquisitely written memoir about growing up in Ireland in the mid-twentieth century

Views of Dublin... and Beyond: Paintings by Jean Shouldice

Shouldice, Jean
Scenes from all corners of Ireland by artist Jean Shouldice, known in particular for her architectural impressions of familiar Dublin landmarks and cityscapes.


Smyth, Emer

The Boundless and Miraculous: Found Poems in the Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

Stapleton, Larry
Extracts from Van Gogh's letters are presented as `found poems', mainly in the form of sonnets. They record many of the pivotal moments in his life, and Van Gogh's frame of mind and his emotional state at these times are evident in the content and tone of the writing. Book also includes 87 colour plates

The Shop: An Anthology of Poetry

Wakeman, Hilary
A collection of some of the finest Irish and international poetry ever assembled in one volume featuring Seamus Heaney, Paul Muldoon, Medbh McGuckian, Brendan Kennelly, Paula Meehan, Theo Dorgan, John F. Deane and Derek Mahon

A Different World: An English Vicar in West Cork

Wakeman, Hilary
A fish out of water tale of a female English vicar moving to rural West Cork.

Charles Frederick Ball: From Dublin's Botanic Gardens to the Killing Fields of Gallipoli

Willan, Brian
A captivating story of how a well-known horticulturist was killed in Gallipoli just after being married; it combines a tale of botany, of World War I, and a tragic love story - written by Alice Lane's grandson, who discovered letters from Fred to Alice after his mother's death.