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Parson's Bookshop: At the Heart of Bohemian Dublin, 1948-89

Lynch, Brendan
For forty years from 1949 to 1989, Parson's Bookshop was a Dublin literary landmark and meeting place. It played a major role in Ireland's literary and cultural development. With numerous anecdotes, stories and personal reminisces about some of Ireland's greatest literary figures, this book provides an account of life in Bohemian Dublin.

Galway: A Sense of Place

Mannion, Roddy
Home to 75,000 people, Galway is a seductive and addictive city to visit and a highly appealing place to live. By examining its history and unique place in Ireland's landscape, this book looks beneath the city's historical, physical, cultural, social and economic layers to reveal the distinctive tapestry and texture of the City of Tribes.

Dissenting Spirit: Thomas Weaver, Geologist and Mining Engineer

McArdle, Peadar
This biography of the geologist and mining engineer Thomas Weaver will appeal to anyone interested in the science and industry of the early nineteenth century, as well as for students of the philosophy and history of science

The Irish Landscape: An All-Ireland Exploration Through Science and Literature

McArdle, Peadar
This captivating county-by-county exploration enhances our appreciation of Ireland's remarkable landscape and the impact it has had on Irish history and culture. In this fascinating study, geologist Peadar McArdle shows how Patrick Kavanagh creates the link between Monaghan's steep drumlins and the harsh parsimony of its people.

An Irish Banking Manifesto: The Views of a Disenchanted Former Banker

McCormick, Tim
Ever since the financial crisis broke in Ireland there has been a clamour for a full explanation for why it happened. Explaining the reasons for the banks' poor performance, the author sets out the reforms necessary to regain confidence in Ireland's banks.

Facebook Marketing

McDonnell, Louise
This book is a guide for business owners and managers of non-profit organisations who want be become more effective at Facebook marketing.

A Life of Our Own: Learning from Autism

McGee, Aileen
Inspired by the author's autistic son, Cian, this book offers twelve stepping stones to help anyone navigate through difficult times.

Post-Pandemic: 12 Lessons in Crisis Management

McMahon, Jonathan
As a key insider to the Irish bailout, McMahon witnessed what it takes to manage a crisis that threatens a nation. In Post-Pandemic he applies those lessons for recovering from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Island Imagined by the Sea: A History of Bull Island

McNally, Kieran
In 1820, an island appeared from the sea. In Dublin Bay, right under the noses of Dubliners. Within years of the appearance of the island a nearby island called Clontarff Island disappeared. This work tells the history of Dublin's Bull Island, which lies just off Clontarf and has existed for less than 200 years.

For God's Sake: The Hidden Life of Irish Nuns

Metcalfe, Camillus

Desperate Executives

Mooney, Paul
Offers an insight into typical dilemmas faced by people who are already successful and plots a 'way through the maze' when difficult life issues need to be confronted. This book offers profound insights into a coaching process.

The Million Euro Decision: How Education Changes Lives

Mooney, Paul
Diagnoses the causes of educational disadvantage in Ireland and provides a comprehensive set of recommendations