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So Far, So Good: An Adventurous Life

Barry, Paddy
Reprint. So Far, So Good recounts the story of an ordinary man who has enjoyed extraordinary adventures. Paddy Barry explored remote parts of the world, often on his Galway Hooker sailing boat. From Siberia to Tierra del Fuego, Connemara to Malawi, on mountains and on sea, Paddy has endured hardships very few could match.

The Motorcar in Ireland: 1896-1939

Blaney, Leanne
Offers a historical assessment of the development of the motorcar within Ireland and its role as a modernising force on the island between the years 1896-1939.

Atlantic Tabor : The Pilgrims of Croagh Patrick

Claffey, Patrick
A photographic tour of the pilgrims of Ireland's Croagh Patrick plus text describing the pilgrimage phenomena in general

Alleluia America

Coleman, Carole
In June 2004, Carole Coleman interviewed George W Bush, challenging him on the war in Iraq. Beginning with an account of that interview and its aftermath, this book discovers that religion is far from a spent force, but has become the driving power that motivates people's lives. It provides an outsider's glimpse into the heart of God's Country.

The Master of Masters: The Life of Josef Cretzan

Cretzan, David
Called the 'Master of Masters', Cretzan was a remarkable talent who survived incredible hardship and personal tragedies to hone his craft. This book traces his journey from seeing action on the Eastern Front, in Rommel's Afrika Korps and in Italy, to Ireland, where he became one of the most accomplished glass blowers of the 20th century.

Life After Joy: A Prisoner No More

Cunningham, Gary
This follow up to the best-selling Joys of Joy is a tour de force of hopes and dreams and setbacks, a story that will encourage readers to never give up no matter how many times they get knocked down. It is also a sometimes heartbreaking but more often hilarious tale of humongous highs and lethal lows as Gary describes life after prison.

'I am Enough!': Words to Live by

Cunningham, Gary
Inside these pages are stories based on situations described by students: bullying, peer pressure, dealing with grief, social media and, shockingly, suicide.

The Mindful Spark: Reclaim Your Past, Reset Your Future

Delaney, David
This step-by-step guide can set you free by breaking the chains of your past and helping you to embrace a bright new future.

Nine Lives: The Reflections of a Deliberate Diplomat

Denham, Donal
A delightful account of an Irish ambassador's experiences in nine very different postings.

Oops! Why Things Go Wrong: Understanding and Controlling Error

Downey, Niall
Niall Downey - a cardio-thoracic surgeon who retrained to become a commercial airline pilot - uses his expertise in medicine and aviation to explore the critical issue of managing human error.

Making Sense of Mental Health: A Practical Approach Through Lived Experience

Farrell, Emma
Argues that mental health difficulties can best be treated by understanding the experiences of those who have lived through them.

William Trevor: Re-imagining Ireland

Fitzgerald-Hoyt, Mary