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Making Journalists

de Burgh, Hugo
Journalism is a powerful agent of change: political, social and economic. This book compiles chapters by renowned field authors and charts this power across parts of the world as diverse as China, Latin America and Africa.

Cities Leading Climate Action: Urban Policy and Planning

Dekker, Sabrina
This book provides local governments and interested stakeholders with insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in addressing climate change.

Cities Leading Climate Action: Urban Policy and Planning

Dekker, Sabrina

Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled

Dennehy, Coleman
Directed primarily at an academic audience, this collection will be useful to a range of scholars with an interest in seventeenth century political, social and religious history.

Enough is Enough

Dietz, Rob
This powerful book sets out arguments and an agenda of policy proposals for achieving a sustainable and prosperous, but non-growing economy, also known as a steady-state economy. The authors describe a plan for solving the major social and environmental problems which face us today on a finite planet with a rapidly growing population.

Powerful Primary Geography: A Toolkit For 21st-century Learning

Dolan, Anne M. (University of Limerick,
This text explores the need for children to understand the modern world and their place in it and the ways playful opportunities can be created for children to learn how to think geographically, to solve real-life problems and to apply their learning in playful and meaningful ways to the world around them.

The Routledge Reader in Caribbean Literature

Donnell, Alison (Nottingham Trent Univer
This is a compilation of over 70 primary and secondary texts of writing from the Caribbean. It locates key writers within a specifically Caribbean framework, and demonstrates that these voices have emerged out of a wealth of literary tradition which until now was unknown or critically neglected.

The Irish and the Origins of American Popular Culture

Dowd, Christopher

Teaching and Learning Building Design and Construction (Architectural Engineering and Design Management)

Dowdle, David
Innovation in building design and construction depends on innovative strategies being developed by teachers and practitioners, made available to students and then professionally adopted. This title examines the strategies to manage effectively a growing number of students and a changing student profile in the built environment sector.

The Gender-Sensitive University: A Contradiction in Terms?

Drew, Eileen
The Gender-Sensitive University explores the prevailing forces that pose obstacles to driving a gender-sensitive university, which include the emergence of far-right movements that seek to subvert advances towards gender equality and managerialism that promotes creeping corporatism.

An Atlas of Irish History

Dudley Edwards, Ruth
An Atlas of Irish History provides coverage of the main political, military, economic, religious and social changes that have occurred in Ireland and among the Irish abroad over the past two millennia.

Photography Theory

Elkins, Jame
For some people, a photograph is an optically accurate impression of the world, for others, it is mainly a way of remembering people and places. Part of the "The Art Seminar" series, this volume aims to offer many answers to the question - What makes a photograph a photograph?