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Extraordinary Records

Benedetti, Alessandro
This volume spans more than 500 remarkable records and is a journey into vinyl's extraordinary history. From rare and colorful editions, bold shapes, and bootleg X-ray vinyl of the USSR to daring designs that fashioned the identities of era-defining records and artists, this collection celebrates vinyl's artistic potential as a material form.

Steve Mcqueen Photographs

Crist, Steve
A photo album, which demonstrates that William Claxton's photographic talent and sensibilities were perfectly attuned to the actor, Steve McQueen's multifaceted character.

The Star Wars Archives. 1977-1983. 40th Ed.

Duncan, Paul
Star Wars exploded onto our cinema screens in 1977, and the world has not been the same since. In this book, George Lucas guides us through the original trilogy like never before, recounting the inspirations, experiences, and stories that created a modern monomyth. Complete with script pages, concept art, storyboards, on-set photography, and more.

The Star Wars Archives. 1999-2005. 40th Ed.

Duncan, Paul
Made in close collaboration with George Lucas and Lucasfilm, this second volume covers the making of the prequel trilogy: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Episode II Attack of the Clones, and Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The book continues our visual trip through the Star Wars galaxy with an exclusive interview with Lucas, script pages,...

Wiener Werkstatte

Fahr-Becker, Gabriele
Jewellery, ceramic, furniture, fashion, and much more came together under the roof of the Wiener Werkstatte ("Vienna Workshop"). This hub of creativity, founded in 1903, is recognized to this day for its elevation of handcraftsmanship against an industrialised world, its simple, elegant "square style", and its pursuit of a "Gesamtkunstwerk," or...

50 Ultimate Sports Cars. 40th Ed.

Fiell, Charlotte & Peter
This volume is the ultimate sports car anthology, featuring 50 of the most remarkable and desirable models of all time, from the landmark 1912 Stutz Model A Bear Cat to the radical 2020 McLaren Speedtail. Each example is presented in stunning imagery by the world's leading car photographers.

Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works

Fischer, Stefan
Hieronymus Bosch created fantastical painterly schemes populated by monsters and morals, earthly experience and premonitions of the afterlife. On the 500th anniversary of his death, this large-scale monograph explores his genius imagination with full-page reproductions, copious details, a fold-out spread from The Last Judgement, and expert...

History Of EC Comics (Taschen)

Geissman, Grant
In 1947, Bill Gaines inherited his legendary father's fledgling publishing company, EC Comics. Over the next eight years, he and a "who's who" of the era including Al Feldstein, Harvey Kurtzman, and Wally Wood would reinvent the very notion of the comic book with titles like Tales from the Crypt, Weird Science, and MAD. With more than 1,000...

Steve McCurry. Animals

Golden, Reuel
From an elephant lovingly resting on his master's shoulder to a dog led through the rubbles of Kabul on the back of a bicycle; these images by Steve McCurry tell a thousand stories, each a touching tribute to the creatures who share our planet. The legendary photographer presents his favorite shots of animals in this kaleidoscopic collection...

The Fairy Tales : Grimm & Andersen 2 in 1 : 40th Edition

Grimm, Brothers
The world's most beloved fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, now in one precious anthology. With beautiful illustrations by legendary artists, scene-setting essays, introductions to each fairy tale, and an appendix with extended artist biographies, this collection is a delightful feast for the eyes and a pleasure to...

The adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection. 40th Ed.

Habermeier, Christian
The adidas story is one of groundbreaking designs, epic moments, and conceiving the all-around sports shoe, worn by the likes of Lionel Messi, Run DMC, and Madonna. A mecca for sneaker fans, this book presents adidas's history through almost 200 pairs of shoes, including one-of-a-kind originals, vintage models, and designer pieces.

What Great Paintings Say 100 Master

Hagen, Rainer & Rose-Marie
If you thought these paintings were familiar, look again, and look closer. Part art history, part detective work, this fascinating collection explores 100 world-famous works of art through enlarged details, revealing the fashions and lifestyles, the loves and intrigues, politics and people that truly make a masterpiece.