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Irish Feminisms


Social Policy Ageing And Voluntary


Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

Acho, Emmanuel

Time to Care

Ackerman, Emily (Author)

Living a Feminist Life

Ahmed, Sara
Showing how feminist theory is generated from everyday life and the ordinary experiences of being a feminist, Sara Ahmed highlights the ties between feminist theory and living a life that sustains it by building on legacies of feminist of color scholarship and discussing the figure of the feminist killjoy.

7 Myths about Singleness

Allberry, Sam

Eden's Story

Allen, Louise

Abby's Story

Allen, Louise
When foster mum Louise takes in little Abby, her challenging behaviour soon turns the household upside down. How can one six-year-old unleash such a whirlwind of emotional and physical devastation? Louise is about to discover the darkness of incest, rejection and abuse in Abby's past. The second story in the 'Thrown Away Children' series.

Education For Intercultural Citizen

Alred, Geof
Examines citizenship education from the perspective of interculturality in order to extend its meaning and significance within and beyond the nation state, and in education in the nation state. This book features chapters which deal with theory and concepts and others which present country and international case studies.

International Measurement of Disability: Purpose, Method and Application the Work of the Washington Group: 2016

Altman, Barbara M.
The volume includes a description of the development and testing of a short set of questions for Censuses, now used in approximately 29 countries and recommended in the U.N.'s Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses: The 2020 Round, which includes disability as a core topic to be collected in censuses.

Gay Bar: Why We Went Out

Atherton Lin, Jeremy
An exhilarating and frequently horny bar hop spanning three cities and three decades, which asks: where shall we go tonight?