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I Survived The Battle Of Dday


Who Pooed In My Loo?? (pb)

Adams, Emma
When a little boy finds a poo in his family loo, he starts imagining who might have left it there. Was it a dragon? A unicorn? A dinosaur?! With every idea more exciting than the next, he can't wait to find the culprit. But who could it be?

Who Made That Smell?? Shhh...don*t

Adams, Emma
When a little boy smells something unusual at breakfast, he starts imagining who might have left it there. Was it ... a dragon? A unicorn? A mermaid? With every idea more exciting than the next, he can't wait to find the culprit. But who could it be?

The Message (Animorphs Graphix #4) (Animorphs Graphic Novels)

The wildly popular, bestselling sci-fi series by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant returns in a new full-color graphic novel series, adapted by Chris Grine. It begins with the dreams...

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch (45th anniversary ed ition)

Armitage, Ronda
Once there was a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling... Mr Grinling LOVES his food, but - oh no! - he's not the only one who likes a snack and the local seagulls have started stealing Mrs Grinling's tasty treats...! Can Mr and Mrs Grinling come up with a cunning plan to keep those pesky seagulls away?

The Lighthouse Keeper's Mystery

Armitage, Ronda
A new addition this modern classic series! Someone is dumping rubbish into the sea! Mr Grinling's nephew George thinks it could be pirates ... or could the culprit be someone closer to home? A charming new story in this beloved series, with an important conservation message.

Horrible Science: Body Owner's Han

Arnold, Nick
In this guide you'll discover a range of body bits and fantastic features you didn't even know you had, including an auto-repair function, a built-in cooling system, top-of-the-range sensory equipment, and waste disposal.

The Nightsilver Promise

Avery, Annaliese
An epic, fate-fighting adventure like no other. A stunningly imagined new series. The Nightsilver Promise is a future classic, stunningly imagined. A Game of Thrones for middle-grade that is perfect for fans of Nevermoor, Philip Pullman, and Neil Gaiman.

Baby Shark

Bajet, John John
Baby Shark has become well-known and well-loved by children and parents everywhere. With hilarious and adorable under-the-sea art of Baby Shark, kids won't be able to get enough of this illustrated story! By the end of the singalong story, little ones will be laughing, singing, and dancing their way to fun and reading success!

Top Secret Smackdown (Mac B., Kid Spy #3)

Barnett, Mac
Before Mac Barnett was an author, he was a kid. And while he was a kid, he was a spy. The precious Crown Jewels have been stolen, and there's only one person who can help the Queen of England: her newest secret agent, Mac B. Mac travels around the globe in search of the stolen treasure...but will he find it in time?

Mac Cracks the Code (Mac B., Kid Spy #4)

Barnett, Mac
Mac B. and his arch-nemesis are facing off at the Video Game World Championships! But first, Mac B. needs to crack an unbreakable secret code. can he solve it in time to defeat his enemy? Find out in this kid spy adventure from New York Times bestselling author, Mac Barnett!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Barnett, Mac
Once there was a bridge and a terrible and VERY hungry troll lived underneath it. When the three Billy Goats Gruff decide to clip clop across the bridge to get to the grassy ridge, the troll is already imagining all the way to prepare a delicious goat dinner. But the troll underestimates those seemingly sweet but oh-so-savvy goats!