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Diocesan Guidebook 2013


Chambers Crossword Dictionary

(ed.), Chambers
Over 500,000 solutions for cryptic and quick crosswords

2022 ACA Farmers Handbook and Tax Guide 29th Edition

ACA Agricultural Consultants Association

Toys: 100 Years of Iconic Toys

Auerbach, Stevanne

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

Baldick, Chris (Goldsmiths, University o
The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms provides clear and concise definitions of even the most complex literary terms from abjection to zeugma. An essential reference tool for students of literature in any language. Recommended web links are available via a companion website.

Basic Linear Algebra

Blyth, T.S.
Basic Linear Algebra is a text for first year students leading from concrete examples to abstract theorems, via tutorial-type exercises.

Bus Ancillary Vehicles: The Municipal Support Fleet

Booth, Gavin
An expert survey of the essential but often forgotten parts of the municipal bus fleets, drawing on a full range of archive images.

Nike Nurses And Neon

Brown, Nigel
Showing you how the Pacific Ocean got its name, what a Pyrrhic victory is, or where the guitar came, this book reveals some of the influences that the classical languages have on the English words we use. It is suitable for pub quiz enthusiasts, crossword solvers, and verbal journalists.

The Chambers Crossword Dictionary

The Chambers Crossword Dictionary is the crossword dictionary the setters use.Welcome to the ultimate resource for all crossword lovers. The Chambers Crossword Dictionary is an essential resource for crosswords of all kinds. Comprehensive, reliable, easy-to-use and containing more than 500,000 solutions, it is the indispensable companion for all cruciverbalists.

A Library Miscellany

Cock-Starkey, Claire
What can be found in the Vatican's Secret Archive? How many books did Charles Darwin's library aboard the Beagle hold? Which library is home to a colony of bats? Packed with unusual facts and statistics, this is the perfect volume for library enthusiasts, bibliophiles and readers everywhere.

Collins English Gem Thesaurus: The world's favourite mini thesaurus (Collins Gem)

Collins Dictionaries
This new edition is part of the Collins Gem range - the world's best-selling mini dictionaries and thesauruses. This new edition is fully up-to-date, with the newest words to enter the English language, with thousands of synonyms and antonyms.