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Not Everybody Lives the Same Way

Dubois, Jean-Paul
For reasons that will eventually become clear, Paul Hansen is in prison. He's been in prison for a couple of years now, sharing his cell with a fearsome Hells Angel murderer, who often reminds Paul that he could kill him at any moment. But life wasn't always like this for Paul Hansen. Before prison, there were his parents: Danish pastor Johannes and free-spirited Anna, the proprietor of a controversial art house cinema. There were his friends in L'Excelsior, the block of luxury flats where Paul worked officially as a caretaker, and unofficially as a restorer of souls and comforter of the afflicted. And above all, there was his partner, Winona, the daring seaplane pilot, and their beloved dog Nouk. Many of them are dead now: his parents, friends, Winona and Nouk. Paul can still talk to them though; they appear in his dreams, as ghosts in his cell, breaking up the monotony and fear of his life behind bars. But Paul knows he cannot be released until he shows remorse for the crime that led to his imprisonment. And, even with his freedom at stake, for some things, true remorse is too high a price to pay. Translated from the French by David Homel


An addictive psychological suspense about ambition, female rivalry, and how far you'd go to get what you want. 'Brilliant and insidious' - Lucy Clarke, author of You Let Me In


The Kingdom of France, 1173. A remarkable queen rallies her sons against a tyrannical king - their father. It is with a soft voice, full of menace, that our mother commands us to overthrow our father . . .

Belonging : The Ancient Code of Togetherness

Eastwood, Owen
BELONGING will not just make you a better team member - it will make you a better human being.

Blackheart Knights

Eve, Laure
'King Arthur as you've never seen him before. The coolest thing you'll read this year' Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season and The Priory of the Orange Tree In this dark, chaotic, alluring place, any dream can come true if you want it hard enough - and if you are prepared to do some very, very bad things to get it . .

The Border - A Journey Around Russia

Fatland, Erika
Erika Fatland travels along the seemingly endless Russian border - from North Korea in the Far East through Russia's bordering states in Asia and the Caucasus, crossing the Caspian Ocean and the Black Sea along the way.

Shy and Mighty

Finer, Nadia
A book for shy people of all ages who wonder how to shine in an incredibly noisy world. Shyness can make us feel isolated, and it's inherently difficult to talk about, yet half of all humans consider themselves shy. Shyness is not weakness, nor a shameful secret.

The Lover

Flood, Helen
How Many Lies Can She Get Away With? A gripping domestic thriller of secrets, lies, extramarital affairs and murder.

The Therapist A Taut And Chilling Domestic Thriller With A Double Twist That Will Leave You Re The Therapist

Flood, Helene
From the mind of a psychologist comes a taut and chilling domestic thriller with a double twist that will leave you reeling. **One of Cosmopolitan's 13 of the best books to read this summer 2021**

The Daughter of Auschwitz

Friedman, Tova
An incredible story of courage, resilience and survival. 'I am a survivor. That comes with a survivor's obligation to represent one and half million Jewish children murdered by the Nazis. They cannot speak. So I must speak on their behalf.'


All around the world, people start to see things that aren't there, that cannot be. As the visions become truly apocalyptic, some turn to religion, others to science. Only one man, driven by personal as well as professional reasons, is capable of finding the real truth.

Early Birds

The Early Birds is a hymn to lifelong female friendship and the touching and funny follow-up to The Future Homemakers of America by the celebrated Laurie Graham. 'Why is Laurie Graham not carried on people's shoulders through cheering crowds? Her books are brilliant!' Marian Keyes Picking up ten years after The Future Homemakers of America left off, The Early Birds follows Peggy, Kath, Gayle, Lois and Audrey through the turn of the twenty-first century. The women are now in their seventies and time is rendering its Accounts Payable: arthritis, cataracts, forgetfulness and departures.