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Fake News

Jackson, Tom
What is fake news? How can the news be wrong? How do we know if what we're reading is true or not? This book helps answer these questions and provides kids with the necessary knowledge to make up their own minds on fake news and the media as a whole.

Ocean Atlas: A journey across the waves and into the deep

Jackson, Tom
In this follow-on to Space Atlas (QED, 2018), readers will be taken on a journey across the waves and into the darkest deeps of the ocean. Covering geography, ecosystems and animals, this book is more than just an atlas of the Pacific, Atlantic and other oceans and seas.

Roman and Iris: A Story about Bullying

Loewen, Nancy
Roman was having a great time at summer camp ... until he accidentally bumped into Iris. Every day Iris found a new way to trouble Roman until eventually he dreaded going to camp. Why is Iris being so mean and what should Roman do to stop it happening?

What About Neko?: A Story of Divorce

Loewen, Nancy
Becca's parents are getting a divorce and she and her brother will be splitting their time between two homes, but what about Neko, the family dog? Who will explain to Neko what's happening and why?

How to Code

Wainewright, Max
Book 2 builds on basic coding and introduces loops and repetition. Shows how variables are used in programs so that readers can begin to build programs and games.