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Accidental Billionaires

Mezrich, Ben
Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg - an awkward maths prodigy and a painfully shy computer genius - were never going to fit in at elite, polished Harvard. Yet that all changed when master-hacker Mark crashed the university's entire computer system by creating a rateable database of female students.

Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants

La Carmina

Girl Up

Bates, Laura
Part manifesto, part girl guide - this book explores vital points about sex, body image, pornography, relationships, social media, feminism and more!

Irish are Coming

Tubridy, Ryan
In the follow-up to his bestselling JFK in Ireland, the Emerald Isle's favourite son delves into his country's past to celebrate the Irish people who through their skills and endeavours helped make the British Isles Great.

It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens

boyd, danah
An essential read, written by a leading expert, for anyone who wants to understand young people's use of social media

Point of View

James, Clive
21st century Britain: a point of view from our fiercest and funniest critic


Coverley, Merlin
The term psychogeography is used to illustrate a bewildering array of ideas, from ley lines and the occult to urban walking and political radicalismwhere does it come from and what exactly does it mean?

Raven Smith's Trivial Pursuits

Smith, Raven