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In In Deep Time - Connemara


Found Architecture

The first UK Selected of one of the UK's most acclaimed contemporary poets.

Dublin Review 18 Spring 2005


Dublin Review 27 Summer 2007

Contains more of the writing from Ireland and elsewhere: essays, criticism, fiction and reportage.

Pat Boran New And Selected Poems


The Lea-Green Down - New Poems Inpired by Patrick Kavanagh

The Lea-Green Down is an anthology of response poems inspired by the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh. The anthology features over 60 poets and also includes Kavanagh’s poems, by permission of the Kavanagh Trustees, via The Jonathan Williams Literary Agency. The Lea-Green Down includes an essay by Gerard Smyth and commentary by Una Agnew, Kavanagh Academic. Cover Image is by Paul McCloskey, an award winning County Monaghan artist.


Adams, Michael (Indiana University)
A passionate defense of slang, jargon, argot, and other forms of nonstandard English, this marvelous volume is full of amusing and even astonishing examples of all sorts of slang.

The Mermaid's Purse

Adcock, Fleur
Fleur Adcock began writing the poems in this book when she was 82. The two chief settings are New Zealand, with its multi-coloured seas, and Britain, seen in various decades, plus foreign travels, flirtations, family memories, and a sequence in memory of her friend, the poet Roy Fisher.

Border Zone

Agard, John
John Agard has been broadening the canvas of British poetry for the past 40 years with his mischievous, satirical fables which overturn all our expectations. His ninth Bloodaxe collection, Border Zone, explores a far-reaching canvas of British/Caribbean transatlantic connections, sweeping across centuries and continents.

Trump Rant: Christopher R. Agee on Donald J. Trump: 2021

Agee, Chris
Caustically humorous and polemically compulsive, Trump Rant is a work of meticulous political portraiture: a deep-delving and epoch-spanning investigation into the nature of power in American life, made luminous by Agee's nuanced, exploratory understanding of authoritarian drift in a number of world-historical contexts.

Blue Sandbar Moon

Agee, Chris