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Faces: Baby Touch First Focus

Baby Touch First Focus: Faces is part of Ladybird's best-selling Baby Touch range. It contains a range of bright, happy characters and faces in high-contrast black, white and yellow colours to help stimulate a baby's developing eyesight from birth. There is also a mirror at the end for babies to smile at their own reflection.

Ladybird Tales: Classic Stories to Share

Part of any child's bookshelf, this book is suitable for for sharing together and creating memories to treasure forever. It brings together five fairy tales: Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Puss in Boots.

Ladybird Classics: The Secret Garden

Abridged and retold to make it suitable for sharing with young children from 5+, this title retains all the key parts of the story, including the mysterious, locked secret garden. It also features full-colour illustrations throughout.

Baby Touch: Happy Birthday!


Well-Loved Tales: Rumpelstiltskin

Complete with stunning dust jacket, this book has all the memorable pictures that people remember, now available for a new generation to fall in love with.

Starting School

Ahlberg, Allan
From first day nerves to finding your peg, this reassuring read is full of humour and fun for children and parents alike. It offers advice and enjoyment for the whole family before school starts.


Ahlberg, Allan
Suitable for children just starting to learn to read, this title features funny skeletons that are definitely not the scary sort.


Ahlberg, Allan
Suitable for babies and parents, this title features a series of holes peeping through to the next page that leads the child on to the next stage in the day, giving a hint of what is to come.

The Baby's Catalogue

Ahlberg, Allan
Suitable for your babies or toddlers, this title fills with easily recognizable objects.

The Ha Ha Bonk Book

Ahlberg, Janet
A collection of good jokes to tell your dad, mum, your baby brother, your teacher and anybody else you can think of, such as: What goes ha ha bonk? A man laughing his head off; What goes 99 bonk? A centipede with a wooden leg; What goes putt, putt, putt, putt, putt, putt, putt, putt? A bad golfer and more besides...