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Headway Academic Skills: 3: Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Student's Book

A four-level, paired skills course that teaches students in higher education the essential skills for academic success. Now with Oxford Online Skills Program to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking. Strands available: Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Listening, Speaking, and Study Skills

The Calculus Story: A Mathematical Adventure

Acheson, David
Calculus is the mathematical method for the analysis of things that change, and since in the natural world we are surrounded by change, the development of calculus was a huge breakthrough in the history of mathematics. David Acheson charts the historical development of calculus and takes readers through the basic ideas, step by step.

The Wonder Book of Geometry: A Mathematical Story

Acheson, David (Emeritus Fellow, Jesus C
David Acheson transports us into the world of geometry, one of the oldest branches of mathematics. He describes its history, from ancient Greece to the present day, and its emphasis on proofs. With its elegant deduction and practical applications, he demonstrates how geometry offers the quickest route to the spirit of mathematics at its best.

1089 and All That: A Journey into Mathematics

Acheson, David (Fellow, Jesus College, O
Pure mathematical gold, this insightful book by established author David Acheson makes mathematics accessible to everyone. The entertaining journey through the subject includes some fascinating puzzles and is accompanied by numerous illustrations and sketches by world famous cartoonists.

Invisible Agents: Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century Britain

Akkerman, Nadine (Reader in early modern
A compelling history of women in seventeenth century espionage, telling the forgotten tales of women from all walks of life who acted as spies in early modern Britain. Nadine Akkerman has immersed herself in archives and letter collections, acting as a modern-day spymistress to unearth plots and conspiracies that have long been hidden by history.

Ireland, Literature, and the Coast: Seatangled

Allen, Nicholas (Endowed Professor in Hu
Ireland is home to one of the world's great literary and artistic traditions. This book reads Irish literature and art in context of the island's coastal and maritime cultures, setting a diverse range of writing and visual art in a fluid panorama of liquid associations that connect Irish literature to an archipelago of other times and places.

Leibniz: A Very Short Introduction

Antognazza, Maria Rosa (Professor of Phi
This Very Short Introduction considers who Leibniz was and introduces his overarching intellectual vision. It follows his pursuit of the systematic reform and advancement of all the sciences, to be undertaken as a collaborative enterprise supported by an enlightened ruler, and his ultimate goal of the improvement of the human condition.

Betty Goes Bananas

Antony, Steve
Meet Betty, a baby gorilla. When Betty finds a banana that just wont open ... Betty ... goes ... BANANAS!

Galileo's Finger: The Ten Great Ideas of Science

Atkins, Peter
Any literate person should be familiar with the central ideas of modern science. This book introduces the author's choice of the ten great ideas of science. It aims to lead the reader through the emergence of the concepts, and then present them in an effective manner.

Sense and Sensibility

Austen, Jane
In Jane Austen's first published novel, her portrait of two heroines' parallel experiences of love, loss, and hope offers a powerful analysis of how women were shaped by the claustrophobic society they had to survive. This new edition includes a new introduction, and revised notes and bibliography.

Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction

Bahn, Paul (Freelance writer, translator
The explorations of archaeology encompass the whole globe, survey 2.5 million years, and range from deserts to jungles, from deep caves to mountain tops, and from pebble tools to GPS. Its efforts to reconstruct and understand the past do not fail to fascinate us. Paul Bahn explores the importance of archaeology in this entertaining introduction.

The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

Baldick, Chris (Goldsmiths, University o
The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms provides clear and concise definitions of even the most complex literary terms from abjection to zeugma. An essential reference tool for students of literature in any language. Recommended web links are available via a companion website.