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Electronic Fund Transfers in the Republic of Ireland

Bergin-Cross, Caroline

Fighting to Find Peace: A Belfast Boxer's Journey

McAuley, Eamon

Five Ways to Better Days: A Compendium of Writing and Other Wellness Practices

McAdoo, Patricia
Five Ways to Better Days is a guide to using expressive writing to achieve health and happiness, bringing the reader through a programme of expressive writing and other important practical mental health and wellbeing strategies. In doing so it focuses on five key areas of positive psychology.

From the Outside

Flannery, Tony
Challenging and controversial, From the Outside asks the Church leadership to look again at some of its basic doctrines. Change is needed.

Housing in Ireland: The A-Z Guide

Sirr, Lorcan
From ‘Abhaile’ to ‘zoning’, Housing in Ireland: The A–Z Guide sets out over 600 entries on all aspects of housing, from the practical to policy, and from the theoretical to the technical. It is the comprehensive guide to understanding the most important issue to consistently face Ireland over the last 100 years, and which will most likely be with us for the next 100 years.

I'm Fine!: Thoughts on Life, Addiction, Love and Health

O'Doherty, Enda
Wicklow native Enda O’Doherty is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary story to share. In a story co-written with journalist Dermot Keyes, Enda takes readers through his youth and an alcohol-sodden adulthood. However, as his 40s beckoned, Enda declared to his wife, Maeve, that his drinking days were over. It was time to choose life and a sense of adventure – with a washing machine!

In Gratitude: The Story of a Gift-Filled Life

McCann, Catherine