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Ireland's Call - Navigating Brexit

Collins, Stephen
Ireland’s Call is essential reading for all those looking to understand the Brexit process so far, and seeking to understand where it will go in the future.

Talk to Me! Conversations with Teens that Most Parents Would Love to Have

Talk to Me! offers a fly-on-the-wall perspective on the views, opinions, worries and expectations of tweens and teens on subjects such as the pressures that children experience, worries about appearance, sexual activity, friendships, romantic relationships, LGBTQ+ issues, abusive relationships and much more.

Effective Group Leadership: Insights of a Practitioner


Marketing In Trouble

Gordon, Colin

Local Heroes - A Celebration of Sligo Sport

Gray, Jim
Local Heroes: A Celebra.on of Sligo Sport features more than sixty essays across 15 separate sports, illuminatng a vast array of events, personalises and glorious victories which have punctuated the county’s rich sportng history. With a foreword by former RTE journalist and Sligo natve Tommie Gorman, the book casts a new spotlight on the county’s big occasions at iconic venues, but there’s also a deep dive into the local cauldron of sportng actvity, highlightng events and characters who could only be found in a dedicated Sligo book.

Ireland’s Lighthouses - In Pictures and Words

Horgan, Denis
The Irish Lights were for many years seen as a benign organisation, just going about their duties of providing aids to marine navigation. As the lightkeepers were made redundant and are fading away, a new interest has emerged about their hermetic and sometimes dangerous lifestyle. This has been awakened by the new documentaries which have just been shown on RTE.

Capturing Kerry

Horgan, Dennis
What is it about Kerry that makes it the place that all visitors to these shores want to experience? And what is it that makes tourists want to return, again and again?

Ireland - An Aerial Journey

Horgan, Dennis
Ireland – An Aerial Journey is a new book of aerial photography by Cork-based photographer Dennis Horgan.

Ireland - An Aerial View

Horgan, Dennis
The book is a tribute to the skills of this highly creative aerial photographer who is a master at producing captivating images from high above the land.

Michael Collins – The Killing and the Cover-Up

Keating, Michael
Michael Collins – The Killing and the Cover-Up, the outcome of decades of research, offers answers to two fundamental questions: who shot Michael Collins, and why.

Understanding Learning Differences

Lynch, Ann Marie
Understanding Learning Differences provides parents and teachers with an overview of common learning differences, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, intellectual difficulties, ADHD, dyspraxia, anxiety, autism, and speech, language and communication difficulties.