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Ireland's Green Opportunity: Driving Investment in a Low-Carbon Economy

Brennan, Peter
Ireland will be responding to these ‘game-changing’ issues over the coming period. Ireland’s Green Opportunity is therefore designed to help stimulate debate about our low-carbon strategy, while raising awareness about the business opportunities that will arise domestically and in export markets.

No Tears Left: Biafra to Bosnia

Colbert, Dom
No Tears Left provides a thought-provoking, insightful and moving account of one doctor’s experience in providing voluntary medical care in some of the world’s poorest and most troubled regions for over fifty years. Dr Colbert’s book of selected memoirs is a personal account of his involvement in natural disasters, famines and wars in Africa and the Far East. He talks of the misery and despair of countless people caught up in such events and of the response of the West. He criticises things he feels strongly about and questions the efficacy of many aid projects. He unravels the complicated historical background to events in a manner that whets the reader’s appetite to probe deeper and brings us on a journey from the searing summer heat of Ethiopia to deep winter in Kosovo. You will visit the famine in Biafra, the genocide in Rwanda and the refugee camps in Ethiopia, Montenegro and Burundi. You will learn about witch doctors and even be moved by the faith of a young doctor facing the derision of all around him. This is a story that could not be made up. No Tears Left will appeal to all of those with an interest in world events, aid activity and global humanity.

Galway: Making a Capital of Culture

Collins, Patrick
This book offers a fresh perspective on contemporary place development, using the unique case of Galway, Ireland. It will be of interest to students and scholars of geography, sociology, planning cultural and Irish studies. While a specific case study, the story of Galway is an international one.

Ireland's Call - Navigating Brexit

Collins, Stephen
Ireland’s Call is essential reading for all those looking to understand the Brexit process so far, and seeking to understand where it will go in the future.

A Bit Different: Disability in Ireland

Conroy, Pauline

One Yummy Mummy: Family Kitchen

Cox, Jolene
Following on from her bestselling debut cookbook, One Yummy Mummy: Family Food Made Easy, Jolene Cox brings us another cooking essential that brings the heart of the family home back to the kitchen.

In Dublin’s Fair City: Discovering Dublin, Discovering Music

Curtis, Maurice
This latest book from Maurice Curtis combines a story of a changing Dublin with a story of music, as seen through the eyes of a young person growing up in the city. In this fascinating saga, we discover a city full of history, mystery, mayhem and magic and catch a flavour of what makes Dublin unique.

Songs and Strings: An Odyssey through Music

Curtis, Maurice