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Banks, Russell
The new novel from two time Pulitzer Prize nominee Russell Banks. Famed Canadian American leftist documentary filmmaker Leonard Fife, who fled to Canada to avoid serving in Vietnam, is dying of cancer in Montreal and has agreed to a final interview in which he is determined to bare all his secrets at last, to demythologise his mythologised life.

A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself

Boyle, William
After Brooklyn mob widow Rena Ruggiero hits her eighty-year-old neighbour Enzio in the head with an ashtray for making an unwanted move on her, she retreats to the Bronx home of her estranged daughter, Adrienne, and her granddaughter, Lucia, only to be turned away at the door. Their neighbour, Lacey 'Wolfie' Wolfstein, a one-time Golden...

Late City: The last surviving veteran of WWI revisits his life in this moving story of love and fatherhood from the Pulitzer Prize winner

Butler, Robert Olen
A 115-year-old man lays on his deathbed as the 2016 US election results arrive, and revisits his life in this moving story of love, fatherhood, and the American century from Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler...

Simenon: The Man, The Books, The Films

Forshaw, Barry
Georges Simenon was the most successful writer of crime fiction in a language other than English in the modern age, and his detective Maigret is rivalled only by Sherlock Holmes; Andre Gide called Simenon 'the greatest French novelist of our times'. Barry Forshaw examines the man's extraordinary life and work on both page and screen....

Crime Fiction: A Reader's Guide

Forshaw, Barry
Are you a lover of crime fiction looking for new discoveries or hoping to rediscover old favourites?Then look no further. There are few contemporary crime fiction guides that cover everything from the golden age to current bestselling writers from America, Britain and all across the world, but the award-winning Barry...

Give The Devil His Due

Gentill, Sulari
When Rowland Sinclair is invited to take his yellow Mercedes onto the Marouba Speedway, popularly known as the Killer Track, he agrees without caution or reserve. But then people start to die......

A Dangerous Language

Gentill, Sulari
A Communist agent is murdered on the steps of Parliament House and Rowland finds himself drawn into a dangerous world of politics and assassination. Once again, he stands against the unthinkable with an artist, a poet and brazen sculptress by his side......

All the Tears in China

Gentill, Sulari
Shanghai in 1935 is a 20th century Babylon where fortunes are made and lost. Into this cultural melting pot, Rowland Sinclair arrives from Sydney to represent his brother at international wool negotiations. The black sheep of the family, Rowland is under strict instructions to commit to nothing - but a brutal murder makes that...

The Art Of Script Editing: A Practical Guide to Script Development

Griffiths, Karol
The Art of Script Editing provides a comprehensive overview of this vital role, examining its responsibilities and functions during all stages of the development process, both in film and television....

Headbanger: Sad Bastard

Hamilton, Hugo
Two mad, funny and unpredictable stories in one volume, from master storyteller Hugo Hamilton.

Jaws In Space: Powerful Pitching for Film & TV Screenwriters

Harris, Charles
Two screenwriters once walked into a Hollywood producer's office and said three words 'Jaws in space.' Those three words won them the contract for the blockbuster movie Alien. The ability to pitch well is essential for all writers, directors and producers in cinema and TV, drama, documentary and series. Strong pitching...

On The Edge

Jesmond, Jane
Jen Shaw has climbed all her life: daring ascents of sheer rock faces, crumbling buildings, cranes - the riskier the better. Both her work and personal life revolved around climbing, and the adrenaline high it gave her. Until she went too far and hurt the people she cares about......