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One Pot Feeds All


Very Bad People

Alley, Patrick
"Part true crime tale, part investigative procedural, this is the account of the brilliant and necessary superheroes of Global Witness, whose superpower is the truth." - Edward Zwick, Director of Blood Diamond

The Fourth Man : The Race to Reveal the KGB Spy at the Top of the CIA

Baer, Robert
For the first time ever, New York Times bestselling author and former CIA operative Robert Baer tells the explosive story of how insiders believe a KGB mole rose to the highest ranks of the CIA.


Bashyal, Pradeep
Stories of Life and Death from the Forgotten Guardians of Everest.

A Normal Family The Surprising Truth About My Crazy Childhood (And How I Discovered 35 New Siblings)

Bilton, Chrysta
'I thought my family was complicated until I read Chrysta Bilton's wonderful memoir about the unique collection of irresistible characters in her life. Bilton has a big heart, gentle wisdom, keen eye and lovely wit. She's a gifted writer with an astonishing story to tell.' -David Sheff, author of Beautiful Boy

A Waiter in Paris : Adventures in the Dark Heart of the City

Chisholm, Edward
A waiter's job is to deceive you. They want you to believe in a luxurious calm because on the other side of that hell.

Climbers : How the Kings of the Mountains conquered cycling

Cossins, Peter
Captivating and iconic, Climbers is the ultimate cycling book to understand what it takes both physically and mentally to take on the sport's hardest stages.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever ***exp

Donohue, John
IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME. As a result of a rowdy night in his local New York bar, ex-Marine and merchant seaman "Chick" Donohue volunteers for a legendary mission. He will sneak into Vietnam to track down his buddies in combat to bring them a cold beer and supportive messages from home. It'll be the greatest beer run ever! Now, decades on from 1968, this is the remarkable true story of how he actually did it.


Gaughan, Marise
Marise was nine when she first realised there was trouble, 14 when her Dad tried to end it all, and 23 when he finally succeeded. In a turmoil of conflicting emotions Marise runs - from Dublin to Amsterdam to Los Angeles, leaving a trail of sex and self-destruction in her wake. Until finally, she finds herself facing what she's become in a California psych ward, a girl imploding through trying to make sense of her father's suicide.

18 Tiny Deaths


Brazen: The Sensational Memoir From

Haart, Julia
From the star of Netflix's My Unorthodox Life, a riveting, inspiring memoir. Julia Haart tells the story of her extraordinary journey, from leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to becoming one of the most influential people in fashion.


Hooven, Carole
Testosterone is the most mythologized and misunderstood hormone, but Harvard evolutionary biologist Carole Hooven offers riveting human stories and cutting-edge research to reveal the far-reaching effects of testosterone on our brains, bodies and behaviour.