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The Art of Asking the Right Questions: A People Manager's Toolkit

(McEnery) Reidy, Caroline
THE ART OF ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS is a 'go to guide' to dip into as needed to remind you of the key questions to ask throughout the employment journey. By asking the right questions, you will enhance your team's skills to maximise their own talent and make your business more successful by engaging your team's knowledge and skills.

More: How You Can Get More Clients, More Fees & More Time

Davis, Paul
Clients who have followed the teachings in this book have achieved increases in fee income of 274%. This is a proven system and teaches you how to get more profitable clients, increase your fees, and be able to organise your time better.

Thrive in the Future of Work: How Embracing an Agile Mindset Will Benefit You and Your Organisations

Empey, Kevin
THRIVE IN THE FUTURE OF WORK provides a journey through the realities, implications and solutions for the rapidly changing world of work we live in today. It is a practical account of what we know so far from those who have been there - and both a guide and an invitation for you to explore your path towards future of work readiness and fulfilment.

Learning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and Practice

Garavan, Thomas
LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT in ORGANISATIONS: STRATEGY, EVIDENCE and PRACTICE provides a comprehensive and thematic overview of the thinking, research evidence and practice of strategic L&D in organisations, to help students of L&D and HRM to acquire a deep understanding of the field and to inform the practice of L&D professionals.

Gerald & Sheila Goldberg of Cork: A Son's Perspective

Goldberg, David
Celebrating Cork's "golden couple": a brilliant lawyer and an enthusiastic and untiring fundraiser & organiser. From Lithuania to Limerick, and then to Cork.

Starting Your Own Business in Ireland (5e): A Workbook

Immink, Ron
Starting Your Own Business: A Workbook is designed to take a potential entrepreneur through the whole process of starting a business, from first thoughts about self-employment to the practicalities of start-up. Throughout the workbook, you will find checklists, flowcharts and questionnaires designed to make you think about your proposed business.

In Search of Returns : Making Sense of Financial Markets 2nd Edition

Looby, John
Successful investing is not easy. While the future looms as unknowable as ever, IN SEARCH OF RETURNS will help you to evaluate the relationship between 'expected' risk and returns, understand different investment asset classes and investment strategies, and appreciate the influence of cognitive biases in asset pricing and investment behaviour.

Money Mayhem: The Bewildering Consequences of Cutting Money Free

Looby, John
On 15 August 1971, after 200 years broadly tied to gold, the money of the world was cut free. Since then, we are all hostage to a compellingly incentivised and bewilderingly diverse money creation machine, an accelerating pattern of boom, bubble & bust and an unmoored monetary mayhem beyond any control.

Quick Win Media Law: Ireland - Answers to Your Top 100 Media Law Questions

Martin, Andrea
QUICK WIN MEDIA LAW IRELAND is aimed at anyone in the media industry in Ireland who needs to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Money for Jam : The Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Small Food Business (3rd Edition)

Monahan, Oonagh
This revised and updated third edition of MONEY FOR JAM contains everything that someone who is new to the food business in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK will need to get started and to keep going - including legislation and registration, labelling and packaging, suppliers and distributors - in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format.

Integrated Care in Ireland in an International Context: Challenges for Policy, Institutions and Specific Service User Needs

O'Connor, Tom
Integrated Care in Ireland in an International Context aims to bring the debate on the future of integrated care in Ireland to a wider audience than heretofore. It is intended to guide the thinking of policy-makers and the whole panoply of different health and social care professions that are stakeholders in the process.

Examinerships: The Companies (Amendment) Act, 1990

O'Donnell, John L.