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The Grateful Water

Adelman, Juliana
A detective story that swelters and smells of the oppressively hot Dublin summer 1866, by a debut fiction author steeped in the history of the city.

Mrs. Whippy - Open Door Series

Ahern, Cecelia

D’You Remember Yer Man? - A Memory of Dublin’s Famous Characters

Aherne, Bobby
Re-print. A tumbling trip through the dozens and dozens of street characters that have walked Dublin and its suburbs’ streets.


Amsby, Alan
Full of hilarious celebrity yarns, sequinned characters like the remarkable Stella Minge, and a lot of shameless name-dropping, Mr Pussy: Before I Forget to Remember is the story of a legendary, ground-breaking entertainer, full of pathos, charm and wit.

Female Lines: New Writing by Women from Northern Ireland

Anderson, Linda
Northern Irish women's writing is going from strength to strength and this anthology captures its current richness and audacity.

A Path Home / Conair Siar: Zen Koans in English and Irish

Bannister, Garry
Garry Bannister presents readers with the first comprehensive translation of Zen koans in both English and Irish, and provides an intriguing investigation into the hidden messages of these foundational texts in the study of Zen Buddhism.

What's That as Gaeilge: An English-Irish Phrasebook

Bannister, Garry
An comprehensive English-Irish phrasebook by the well-known and widely respected Irish lexicographer Garry Bannister.

Proverbs in Irish

Bannister, Garry
Proverbs are like people - they can be humorous, sad, old, young, even have their own offspring. But they can also tell us a great deal about the time, the place and the culture that created them.

Kiss My… / Póg mo thóin: A Dictionary of English-Irish Slang (REPRINT)

Bannister, Garry
Already a cult hit, Kiss My... will appeal to the Irish-language student and the open-minded traveller alike.

Teasáras Gaeilge-Béarla | Irish-English Thesaurus

Bannister, Garry
IRISH–ENGLISH THESAURUS is a significant addition to the corpus of reference texts, an essential and indispensable resource for speakers, authors, poets, journalists, students and teachers, and, indeed, for anyone wishing to enrich and develop their spoken and written Irish-language skills.

What's That as Bearla?: An Irish-English Phrasebook

Bannister, Garry
Latest in successful series of general introductions to Irish including What’s That As Gaeilge and Proverbs in Irish, as well as IBA-nominated Teasaras Gaeilge-Bearla. This book will improve and enrich your spoken and written Irish, and ideal for beginners.