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Into Into Extra Time: Living Through the Final Stages of Cancer, and Jottings Along the Way

The last book written by well-known Irish Jesuit, Michael Paul Gallagher SJ. He writes movingly of his battle with cancer and his journey towards the end of life. Michael Paul Gallagher SJ died on 6 November 2016.

Sharing the Wisdom of Time

and Friends, Pope Francis
In his Preface, Pope Francis lays out his reasons for this collection of wisdom stories and the movement he hopes it inspires. He also contributes as a fellow elder, offering a story from his own life at the start of each chapter .

Flying with Father Browne: 2016

Browne, Francis (SJ)
This collection contains Father Browne's unique images of Irish aviation in the early years of the twentieth century. From the new Dublin Airport to Cobham's Flying Circus, from early photos of bi-planes to the Aer Lingus fleet this is a treasure trove of previously unseen material.

Life & Lens Of Father Browne

Browne, Francis (SJ)
Titanic photographer, Francis Browne SJ, was also one of the most highly decorated Catholic chaplain of the first war. This is his story, illustrated throughout with his remarkable photographs.

Irish Jesuit Chaplains in the First World War

Burke, Damien
Catholic chaplains in the First World War served alongside the troops at the Front. This is a collection of articles describing the wartime experiences of eleven of these brave men. Illustrated with letters, photographs, and telegrams from the Irish Jesuit Archives, this is a fascinating insight into their experiences.

Jesuit Lives At Home in the World

Carberry, Patrick (SJ)
The Jesuits have always defined themselves, not by any particular place or specific ministry, but by a universal outreach. They were ready to go wherever the needs were great and the opportunities promising. Adaptability became their hallmark. From early on, the Jesuits spread rapidly: to the Far East, starting with Francis Xavier in 1540, to North and South America, to Africa and eventually to Australasia. In their reports to Rome, they spoke about the different situations they faced, their successes and failures, their frustrations and hopes. this little volume tells the stories of a few of these Jesuits, from different continents and eras, in the hope that their commitment and struggles will prove inspirational once again today.

Mary in Different Traditions: Seeing the Mother of Jesus with New Eyes

Casey, Thomas G
The author explores the insights of other faiths - Protestantism, Orthodoxy, Islam, and Judaism; and also the insights of the `other' within the Catholic tradition - the Eastern-rite Catholics who, despite their full communion with Rome, have a distinct approach to Mary based on their unique liturgical and spiritual tradition.

The Mindful Our Father

Casey, Thomas G (SJ)
Once we translate the spiritual wisdom of the Lord's Prayer into the personal language of our experience, we shall be led to a unique encounter with the God who yearns for us more than we could ever yearn for him.

Newman: A Short Biography

Collins, Michael
An esteemed academic, prolific author and convert from the Church of England to Catholicism, Newman was a complex and conflicted individual. Intensely loyal to his friends, highly-strung, kind-hearted and tenacious, Newman combined the best of both the Anglican and Catholic traditions.

Raphael's World

Collins, Michael
Based on contemporary documentation, Raphael's World explores the complex era in which the artist flourished and introduces the reader to the fascinating panoply of patrons. The 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael occurs on 6 April 2020. There will be a number of events to celebrate at the Vatican and other galleries around the world.

Disciples of Courage: Ten Christian Lives that Inspire

Comerford, Brendan (SJ)
The book tells the story of the lives of ten very unique people from the recent past, their journeys of joy, humour, searching, suffering, struggle and their living out the cost of Christian discipleship in very different ways.

Willie Doyle SJ: Much in the Presence of God

Corkery, Patrick
Willie Doyle SJ was an Irish Jesuit priest and Chaplain in the First World War. His time in the war saw him demonstrate great acts of heroism. The cause for his canonisation has become increasing popular in recent times.