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Knockfane: A Novel

Potterton, Homan
Knockfane is an enthralling drama exploring inheritance, heirship and family legacy, set against the back-drop of the Ireland of its time and the conventions, customs, mistrust and suspicions which governed both Protestants and Catholics, as they come to terms with each other’s world in a rapidly changing society.

The Adoption Machine: Ireland's Mother & Baby Homes and the Scandal of 'Tuam 800'

Redmond, Paul Jude
Approximately 100,000 single mothers lost their babies to forced separation in Ireland since independence in 1922. 35,000 pregnant, single women were sent to nine Mother and Baby Homes, where thousands of their babies and young children died due to wilful neglect and indifference.

Political Purgatory: The Battle to Save Stormont and the Play for a New Ireland

Rowan, Brian
This is a book about politics at war; the purgatory that Stormont became, and the sins of that long standoff. Political Purgatory sets the three years from collapse to Covid-19 – and the breaking and making of Stormont – into a wider frame of building peace on top of conflict.

Buck Whaley: Ireland's Greatest Adventurer

Ryan, David

Frenzy and Betrayal The Anatomy of a Political Assassination

Shatter, Alan
Frenzy and Betrayal is the sensational, unprecedented and forensic inside-story of a political assassination, the Irish 'Post-Truth' media, and one of the most turbulent political controversies to rock the Irish political system in decades.

Search and Rescue: Stories of Irish-air sea rescue and the loss of R116

Siggins, Lorna
On 13 March 2017, the Rescue 116 crew of Capt. Dara Fitzpatrick, Capt. Mark Duffy, Paul Ormsby and Ciarán Smith took off from Dublin airport just after 2300 hours for a medical evacuation off the west coast. The first indication of disaster came when the crew failed to answer a radio call at 12.46 a.m. At 02.16 hours, sister helicopter Rescue 118 spotted a casualty and debris in the water. There would be no survivors from R116, and extensive searches failed to locate the bodies of two of the four crew.

UDR: Declassified

Smith, Micheal

Kilkenny: In Times of Revolution, 1900-1923

Walsh, Eoin Swithin
Kilkenny has been overlooked in accounts of this period, and this book rectifies that neglect with superb use of previously unseen archival material: aimed at both the general reader and anyone with an interest in Kilkenny and the Irish Revolution, the main personalities and events in the broader national context are illuminated by the key events and personalities of the county.