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The Treaty: The gripping story of the negotiations that brought about Irish independence and led to the Civil War

Friemann, Gretchen
On the morning of 11 October 1921, the world’s media watched as Michael Collins, leader of the ‘Irish murder gang’, bounded through the door of 10 Downing Street. Moments later, he shook hands with the British Prime Minister. So began the first day of the most important political negotiations in modern Anglo-Irish history. Nearly two months later, in the early hours of 6 December 1921, the talks culminated in the signing of what in Ireland is known simply as ‘the Treaty’ – a document that had been designed to end one violent conflict, but which soon gave rise to another.

Tom Clarke: Life, Liberty, Revolution

MacAtasney, Gerard

Two Souls: A Novel

McDonald, Henry
'Two souls, alas, are housed within my breast, and each will wrestle for the mastery there.' Faust / Goethe At turns shocking and heart-breaking, with razor-sharp language and a turbo-charged plot, Two Souls is a singular 'Troubles' novel like no other, tragically exposing human nature's futile efforts to make the right decisions and to choose a life worth living. Think Martin Amis meets Irving Welsh against a febrile and gritty sectarian backdrop.

Unintended Consequences: The Story of Irish Immigration to the US and the Making and Breaking of Irish America

O'Hanlon, Ray
Unintended Consequences reveals, for the first time, how America's door closed on significant legal Irish immigration in the 1960s, and how America's Irish mounted a counterattack when nation-changing political forces were sweeping the United States during the era of civil rights, political assassinations, and the Vietnam War.

UVF: Behind the Mask

Edwards, Aaron (Dr)

Who Do I Think I Am?: A Memoir

Potterton, Homan

Without a Doubt: An Irish Couple's Journey Through IVF, Adoption and Surrogacy

Malone, Sean
Without a Doubt is the compelling and heartfelt story of Fiona Whyte and Seán Malone's quest to have a family together in Ireland.