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Charlotte and Arthur

Clooney, Pauline

The Good Activist

Curran, Bronagh
Maeve Daly is a product of her time, opinionated, impressionable and determined. But she is also a product of her upbringing, for half of her life she called her teen- age mother her sister and never knew her place in the family, let alone the world.

Oak and Stone

Duggan, Dave
Part of an experimental and controversial recruitment project, Eddie Slevin finds himself fast-tracked through the ranks of a revamped police force where his skills and background are both envied and sneered at. His peculiar ability to solve even the most complex cases is grudgingly applauded by colleagues and superiors. But, when a footballer is found face down on the penalty spot with a bullet in his head, Eddie’s professional and personal lives become intertwined in a whirlpool of ghosts from the past, adversaries in the present, and a looming dread in the future

The Saviours: A Novel

Galvin, Maeve