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Basic Maths Practice Problems For Dummies

Beveridge, Colin
Helps you to master basic arithmetic, this book shows you how to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. It also offers 2,000 pencil-and-paper practice problems, and the lowdown on fractions, decimals and percentages; and more.

Mathematics As A Language


New York Times Book of Mathematics

Kolata, Gina
Suitable for any maths and science enthusiast, this title gathers more than 110 articles written from 1892 to 2010 that cover statistics, coincidences, chaos theory, cryptography and many other topics.

Perfect Rigour

Gessen, Masha
A thrilling account of an utterly brilliant and utterly eccentric Russian mathematician which sheds a rare light on the unique burden of genius

Probability For Dummies

Rumsey, Deborah J.
Packed with practical tips and techniques for solving probability problems Increase your chances of acing that probability exam -- or winning at the casino! Whether you're hitting the books for a probability or statistics course or hitting the tables at a casino, working out probabilities can be problematic.

Statistics Made Easy

Graham, Alan
Want to know about Statistics but short of time and unsure where to begin? Get a kickstart with this little book which will give you just enough to get you going...

The Art of Statistics: Learning from Data

Spiegelhalter, David

The Mathematics of Love

Fry, Hannah
A smart, funny and provocative look at the mathematics of love

Think Like A Maths Genius

Shermer, Michael
A guide to mentally calculating maths. It reveals the secrets of easy mental arithmetic, and the secrets to memorisation and other feats of mind. It includes puzzles, sudoku and games of mental stimulation.

Tiger That Isn't

Dilnot, Andrew
Mathematics scares and depresses most of us, but politicians, journalists and everyone in power use numbers all the time to bamboozle us. Most of it is commonsense, and by using a few really simple principles one can quickly see when maths, statistics and numbers are being abused to play tricks which can waste millions of pounds.

Vsi: Mathematics

Gowers, Timothy (Rouse Ball Professor of
This book aims to explain, in clear non-technical language,what it is that mathematicians do, and how that differs from and builds on the mathematics that most people are familiar with from school. It is the ideal introduction for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of mathematics.


For readers of writers as different as Robert Macfarlane and Oliver Sacks, Wayfinding is a book that can change our sense of ourselves. '[A] fascinating, incisive account of how the human brain evolved to keep us orientated . . . Beautifully written and researched.' Isabella Tree, author of Wilding