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Jane Foster: The Saga Of The Mighty Thor

Aaron, Jason
Goddess of Thunder! When the Odinson is rendered unworthy of lifting Mjolnir, another claims the hammer! Her battles against Frost Giants, Malekith and the Minotaur prove she's well worthy of the name Thor! But this new hero is secretly Dr. Jane Foster - and each time she transforms, it worsens the cancer that's killing her!

Amazing Fantasy Treasury Edition

Andrews, Kaare
Kaare Andrews (Spider-Man: Reign) presents an all-new vision of the Marvel Universe! Spy-school Black Widow, teenage Spider-Man, World War II Captain America - the most iconic versions of your favorite Marvel characters from across time and space - all wake up on an island of intrigue, darkness and amazing fantasy. Are they dead? Are they dreaming? Or have they truly been transported to another fantastical realm? And as the heroes explore their uncanny surroundings, can they find a way to return home?

Moon Knight: Legacy - The Complete Collection

Bemis, Max
A new day is dawning - and with it comes an enemy unlike any Marc Spector has ever faced!

Spider-men: Worlds Collide

Bendis, Brian Michael

Miles Morales: Marvel Universe

Bendis, Brian Michael
Miles Morales is hitting the big time! Not only is he joining the mainstream Marvel Universe, but he's also become a card-carrying Avenger!

Moon Knight By Bendis & Maleev: The Complete Collection

Bendis, Brian Michael

Spidey Vol. 1: First Day

Bradshaw, Nick

Predator By Ed Brisson Vol. 1: Day Of The Hunter

Brisson, Ed