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Echo of Worlds : Book Two of the Pandominion

Carey, M.R.
Following the critically acclaimed Infinity Gate comes the second and final novel in the Pandominion by international bestselling M. R. Carey.

Someone Like Me

From the author of the million-copy bestseller The Girl With All the Gifts comes a heart-stopping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming and a heroine you can't trust . . . THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY.

A Letter to the Luminous Deep

Cathrall, Sylvie
A charming fantasy set in an underwater world with magical academia and a heartwarming pen pal romance, perfect for fans of A Marvellous Light and Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries.

How a Woman Becomes a Lake

THIS DAY NEVER HAPPENED. YOU HEAR ME? By a frozen lake, ten-year-old Jesse waits for his father. It's New Year's Day, and his dad promised a fresh start. But Jesse messed it all up. And that's when he meets the woman.

Swift River

Chambers, Essie J.
It's the summer of 1987 in the dying New England mill town of Swift River, and sixteen year-old Diamond Newberry is learning how to drive. Since her father disappeared seven years ago, she and her mother hitchhike everywhere they go; they're the only people in town without a car. But that's not the only reason Diamond stands out: She weighs 298 pounds, and since Pop's been gone, she is the only person of colour in all of Swift River.


Chan, Eliza
Welcome to Tiankawi - shining pearl of human civilization and a safe haven for those fleeing civil unrest. Or at least, that's how it first appears.


Chaon, Dan
'A thrilling and often hilarious road trip across America in the very near future, told by a winning and murderous narrator' Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl


Clark, Clare
Complex, profound and devastatingly timely, this brilliant psychological suspense explores the twisted world of undercover operations, the most secretive part of the secret state where nothing is sacred and no one cares to count the cost.

In the Full Light of the Sun

Based on a true story, unfolding through the subsequent rise of Hitler and the Nazis, this gripping tale is about beauty and justice, and the truth that may be found when our most treasured beliefs are revealed as illusions. Brilliant on authenticity, vanity and self-delusion, it is a novel for our times.

Leviathan Falls

Corey, James S.A.
The biggest SF series of the decade comes to an incredible conclusion in the ninth and final novel in James S. A. Corey's Hugo Award-winning Expanse series.

Memory's Legion : The Complete Expanse Story Collection

Corey, James S.A.
For the first time, all of the short fiction set in James S. A. Corey's New York Times bestselling Expanse series is available in this collection - including a brand-new novella.

Tiamat's Wrath

'The science fictional equivalent of A Song of Ice and Fire' NPR Books 'As close as you'll get to a Hollywood blockbuster in book form' 'Great characters, excellent dialogue, memorable fights' 'High adventure equalling the best space opera has to offer, cutting-edge technology and a group of unforgettable characters . . . Perhaps one of the best tales the genre has yet to produce' Library Journal