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Bien Dit ! 3rd Edition + FREE e-book (Leaving Certificate Oral & Aural French)

McDermott, Sean
A new and updated edition of the highly successful French Oral & Aural Book for Leaving Certificate French. The highly successful Bien Dit! has been updated and enhanced to prepare both Ordinary and Higher Level students for the Leaving Certificate French oral and aural exam.

Less Stress More Success - French Revision Leaving Certificate Higher Level

McDonagh, Peter
Less Stress More Success gives you all you need to get the best results you can in your exams. Your complete course is condensed, organised and prioritised, making those study hours really pay!

Essentials Unfolded Leaving Certificate Oral French Higher And Ordinary Level

Meaney, Niamh
Presents in a concise and accessible way the key phrases, vocabulary and study hints that will prove to be particularly useful for the oral examination in leaving certificate French.

Tout Va Bien ! Leaving Certificate French Higher and Ordinary Level

Murphy, Dervla
Expert, experienced author Dervla Murphy. Focus on core language skills: reading, writing, listening, spoken production and spoken interaction. Grammar and oral practice in Cahier d’Exercise (A4 size). Differentiated content for mixed ability classrooms. Effective preparation for all aspects of the German LC exam. Student podcasts.

Greek Through Reading Leaving Certificate

Nairn, G.A.
Greek Through Reading stresses the importance of early reading of good and varied Greek to give the student a sense of idiom. The Greek selections come from twenty-five authors ranging from Homer to the Anthology. These are arranged in fourteen categories, such as Homer, Legends and Travel. The book includes twenty-eight pages of exercises, thirty-five photographs, twenty-four drawings and three maps.

Italian Verb Drills, Premium Fifth Edition

Nanni-Tate, Paola
Expand your Italian verb mastery with the best review and practice workbook for beginning to intermediate learners-now with extensive support from the McGraw-Hill Language Lab app!

Cambridge Latin Course North American edition

North American Cambridge Classics Projec
The "Cambridge Latin Course" is an introductory programme in four Units. This approach includes a continuous storyline, grammatical development and cultural information woven throughout the text, a language information section, and colour photographs that illustrate the Roman world.

Grundkurs Deutsch - Leaving Cert Ordinary Level German Workbook CJ Fallon

O'Rourke, Niamh
The aim of this book is to create a link between the vocabulary and concepts that are familiar to students from the Junior Certificate course and those that are required for the Ordinary Level course.

Leistungskurs Deutsch Leaving Certificate Higher Level German Workbook CJ Fallon

O'Rourke, Niamh
This workbook covers key topics and grammar skills for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level course. It can be used as a follow-on to Grundkurs Deutsch, for students wishing to develop their language skills further. It can also be used as a stand alone book to prepare students for the Higher Level examination.

Folens French Verbs

O'Sullivan, Hilda
Regular and Irregular. This verb book is an essential reference for studying French at Post-Primary level.

Essentials Unfolded - Leaving Certificate Oral German Higher And Ordinary Level

Essentials Unfolded Series Fiona Ryan This concise revision booklet will help students to formulate and plan for their Leaving Certificate Higher or Ordinary Level German oral exam. With all phrases translated into English, Essentials Unfolded Oral German features a compact exam overview, necessary vocabulary and plenty of phrases which can be used in the written exam also.

A L'Attaque 2nd Edition: Leaving Certificate French for Higher Level

Senard, Dominique
This new and improved edition of A l.Attaque! provides everything Higher Level students need to reach their full potential in the leaving Certificate French exam.