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Thematisch Leaving Certificate German

Hayes, James
Thematisch is an aural and vocabulary comprehension book that takes a thematic approach to German language acquisition. The topics covered will prepare both Ordinary and Higher Level students for the Leaving Certificate examination and also for real-world experiences in German-speaking countries.

Leaving Certificate Oral German 2020-2025 CJ Fallon

Hayes, James
Oral German, 2020-2025 has been written by two highly regarded and experienced German authors. Using sample tests and texts, this book fully prepares students for the Leaving Certificate German Oral Examination.

Horthemen - German Aural and Vocabulary Comprehension Leaving Certicate CJ Fallon

Hayes, James
Horthemen is a new, up-to-date book containing aural and vocabulary comprehension exercises. It prepares students for both Higher and Ordinary Level style questions in the four sections tested in the Leaving Certificate examination.

Bonne Chance: Listening and Oral for Leaving Certificate French

Hayes-Lyne, Elizabeth
This new and innovative package is the definitive guide to the Leaving Cert Oral and Aural exams for Ordinary and Higher Level. Unique use of phonetic vocabulary trains the student's ear, promoting autonomous learning.

Espanol En Accion 2nd Edition - Español en Acción

Higgins, Elaine
Developed by experienced, expert author Elaine Higgins, this book seamlessly builds on from Junior Cycle and includes effective preparation for all aspects of the Spanish Leaving Cert exam.

Accent Francais Leaving Certificate French Oral and Aural Preparation Folens

Hiogan, Cian
Accent Francais is a Leaving Certificate French textbook for both Higher and Ordinary Level that prepares students for the Oral and Aural examinations. The first Leaving Certificate French book to integrate oral and aural by topic: More efficient, more effective, more marks.

Rapid Revision French Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate Folens

Hogan, Cian
Rapid Revision French Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate Folens

Shortcuts to Success French Oral Leaving Certificate - Gill

Hogan, Robert
Highlights the most common pitfalls in the French oral and shows how to avoid them! Includes simple strategies for expressing your opinions on abstract topics.

L'Oral - Leaving Certificate French Oral Folens

Johnson, Lauren
’Oral is the best supplementary programme on the market to help prepare for the French Oral exam, both at ordinary and higher level. With up-to-date content that reflects current trends as well as covering all aspects of the exam.

Triomphe au Bac Ordinaire - Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate French

Lenehan, Marie
Triomphe au Bac Ordinaire is a Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level French texbook

Triomphe au Bac Supérieur 2nd Edition (incl. FREE e-book) - Higher Level Leaving Certificate French

Lenehen, Marie
Triomphe au Bac Supérieur is a French Leaving Certificate Text for Higher Level.

Exam Skills German - Leaving Certificate

Lindinger, Eva
Exam Skills German is the complete and up-to-date Leaving Certificate Higher Level german revision guide.