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Make The Transition Irish - 2nd Edition - Make the Transition - Gaeilge

Bunting, Nuala
Make the Transition: Gaeilge provides an excellent opportunity to present the Irish language and our rich culture in new and exciting ways.

Ar Aghaidh Libh Ardleibheal Higher Level Irish Leaving Certificate EDCO

Cameron, Ann
Cursa iomlan eisteachta agus cainte don Ardteistimeireacht. A new Irish Oral & Aural book for the Leaving Certificate Higher Level. A brand new Irish Oral & Aural books in line with the new Leaving Certificate syllabus

Ar Aghaidh Libh Gnathleibheal Leaving Certificate Ordinary Irish

Cameron, Ann
Cursa iomlan eisteachta agus cainte don Ardteisimeireacht. A new Irish Oral & Aural book for the Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level. A brand new Irish Oral & Aural books in line with the new Leaving Certificate syllabus

Sraith Pictiur Don Scrudu in 2023 – Student’s Edition - Leaving Certificate Irish
Includes all 20 Sraith Pictiúr for the 2023 Leaving Certificate Oral Irish exam. A full description text is given for each Sraith, in the recommended past tense. Suitable for both Ordinary and Higher Level students.

Bridge the Gap Gaeilge don Idirbhliain - Transition Year Irish

Gallagher, Hugh
Fits in perfectly with the time available across the school year. Includes a focus on careers in alignment with the ethos of TY. Focusses on developing all five language learning skills. Also available for TY Biology, English and PE

Irish Higher Level Leaving Certificate Less Stress More Success

Geraghty, Triona
Less Stress More Success gives you all you need to get the best results you can in your exams. Your complete course is condensed, organised and prioritised, making those study hours really pay!

Gaelsaol san Idirbhliain - Transition Year Irish Mentor Books

Ni Dhuibhir, Gearoidin
Díríonn Gaelsaol san Idirbhliain ar scileanna cuimsitheacha teanga a fhorbairt sna daltaí ar bhealach nua-aoiseach, gníomhach, taitneamhach a chothóidh dúil is misneach iontu an Ghaeilge a úsáid.

Bua Sa Bhealtriail Leaving Certificate Oral Irish Mentor Books

Ni Dhuibhir, Gearoidin
Bua sa Bhealtriail is a bilingual handbook for Leaving Certificate students to assist them in preparing for their Oral Irish Exam. Providing comprehensive vocabulary and sample answers, it aims to help students with the three biggest difficulties of preparation for the oral exam: lack of class time for the individual practice, organisation of material and exam-day stress. Practical tips and advice are given.

An Triail Notes: Staidear ar an Drama don Ardteistimeireacht (Ardleibheal)

Ni Ghlinn, Gearoidin
Student-friendly notes on An Triail, one of the most popular texts for Leaving Certificate students

Spreagadh : Irish for Leaving Certificate Ordinary Level

Ni Shuilleabhain, Caitriona
Teacsleabhar spreaguil sothuigthe do dhaltai na Gaeilge Gnathleibheil.

Samhlaiocht : Ardteistimeireacht Gaeilge Ardleibheal SAMHLAÍOCHT

Ni Shuilleabhain, Caitriona
Ag treoru dhaltai Ardteistimeireachta Gaeilge (ardleibheal) le hardtorthai a bhaint amach

Samhlaiocht (Workbook Only)

Ni Shuilleabhain, Caitriona
Samhlaiocht (Workbook Only)