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A Passion for Poison : Schoolboy. Poisoner. Serial Killer.

Lee, Carol Ann
Schoolboy. Poisoner. Serial Killer. The chilling tale of The Teacup Poisoner, Graham Young

Joey Dunlop : The Definitive Biography

Barker, Stuart
With a foreword by Carl Fogarty, Joey Dunlop's story is one of towering triumphs and desperate tragedies in almost equal measure.

Lewis Hamilton: The Definitive Biography

Worrall, Frank

Not The Type: Finding my place in the real world

Thurlow, Camilla

Operation Trojan Horse : The true story behind the most shocking government cover-up of the last thirty years

Davis, Stephen
On 1 August, 1990, British Airways Flight 149 departed from Heathrow airport, destined for Kuala Lumpur. It never made it there, and neither did its nearly 400 passengers. Instead, Flight 149 stopped to refuel in Kuwait, as Iraqi troops amassed on the border - delivering the passengers and crew into the hands of Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi army, to be used as 'human shields' during their invasion.

Who Killed John Lennon ***EXPORT ED

Jones, Lesley Ann
Using fresh first-hand research, unseen material as well as exclusive interviews with the people who knew Lennon best, Jones' search for answers offers a spellbinding, 360-degree view of one of the world's most iconic music legends. Who Killed John Lennon? delves deep into his psyche - the good, the bad and the genius - forty years on from his death.