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Beyond Good And Evil: The Philosophy Classic

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Anarchy State and Utopia

Nozick, Robert
Robert Nozicka s Anarchy, State, and Utopia is a powerful, philosophical challenge to the most widely held political and social positions of our age ---- liberal, socialist and conservative.

Basic Guide to Infection Prevention and Control in Dentistry

Pankhurst, Caroline L. (Specialist in Or
A practical step-by-step guide for all members of the dental team Thoroughly updated, this new edition ensures all members of the dental team are up to speed on the practical aspects of infection prevention and control.

A Dictionary of British and Irish History

Peberdy, Robert (University of Oxford)

A Dictionary of British and Irish History

Peberdy, Robert (University of Oxford)

The Republic: The Influential Classic

The newest deluxe edition in the bestselling Capstone Classics Series This ancient classic has had a make-over. In recent years these Capstone Classic deluxe editions have caught the book buying public's imagination.

Modernism: An Anthology

Rainey, Lawrence (University of York)
Modernism: An Anthology is the most comprehensive anthology of Anglo-American modernism ever to be published. * Amply represents the giants of modernism - James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Marianne Moore, Samuel Beckett.

Contemporary Conflict Resolution

Ramsbotham, Oliver (University of Bradfo
Since the end of the Cold War, conflict prevention and resolution, peacekeeping and peacebuilding have risen to the top of the international agenda.

Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids: S. I. Units

Rogers, G. F. C.
The fifth edition has been issued to incorporate two new tables -- Data of Refrigerant 134a and a table containing for selected substances, molar enthalpies and molar Gibbs functions of formation, Equilibirum constants of formation, as well as molar heat capacities and absolute entropies.

Letters from a Stoic: The Ancient Classic


Wealth of Nations

Smith, Adam


Strenski, Ivan (University of California
Matching pivotal theorists and theories of religion alongside cutting-edge criticism from a team of leading contemporary scholars, this vibrant collection enables students to gain a balanced understanding of the diverse methods, theories, and theorists involved in the historical and methodological development of the study of religion.