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No Bosses

Albert, Michael
Providing hope and direction to sustain commitment on the path to change, No Bosses is about winning a new world.

Lenin Lives!: Reimagining the Russian Revolution 1917-2017

Cunliffe, Philip
What if history had had a happy ending? To change the future, we need to reimagine the past.

Caribbean Irish, The: How the Slave Myth was Made

Garcia, Miki
An examination of the legacy of the Caribbean Irish, who few know were some of the earliest settlers in the British West Indies.

Gifts from the Devastation - what cancer taught me about life

O'Donovan, Celine
Packed full of practical tips and insights, this book is a reminder that you are not just a helpless victim of life.

The Protector - The Fall and Rise Of Oliver Cromwell

Reilly, Tom
The historically precise 'all killer - no filler' fictional biography of the extraordinary Oliver Cromwell

Peace or Pacification?: Northern Ireland After the Defeat of the IRA

Ruairc, Liam O
Northern Ireland after the defeat of the IRA. A critical analysis of the Irish peace process.

Her Morning Shadow

Semple, Ron
'Buckle down for a wild saga in history that starts in the Great War and charges through the three-way battle for the Crimea and the Ukraine to reach its beacon, the torch of Liberty. A superb alloy of genuine history and vivid imagination.' Leslie Wilbur, Emeritus Professor, University of Southern California.