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de Romanis Book 1: dei et deae

Radice, Katharine (Stephen Perse Foundat

French Grammar Made Easy Junior Cycle EdCo

Redmond, Claire
The book engages with students on their level, making the work visually appealing as well as explaining concepts clearly and simply through cartoons and scenarios familiar to teenagers.

En Avant - Junior Cycle French Textbook & Dossier & EBook

Shinners, Liz
En Avant ! is the first 3-year book on the market to comprehensively cover the entire three-year French Junior Cycle. Written by a highly experienced MFL author team Liz Shinners and Liz Benson.

A Visitor's Guide to Ancient Rome

Sims, Lesley
Offers a fresh approach to the history of Ancient Rome, full of historical information about interesting tourist attractions, important festivals and the fashions and customs of the period. This title also includes a guide to the best villas, hotels and markets.

Greek to GCSE: For OCR GCSE Classical Greek (9-1): Part 1

Taylor, Dr John (Lecturer in Classics, U

Greek to GCSE: Part 2: for OCR GCSE Classical Greek (9-1)

Taylor, Dr John (Lecturer in Classics, U

Cle a La Grammaire Leaving Certificate Higher and Ordinary Level French Grammar with Free EBook

Cle a la Grammaire - French Grammar and Practice is a comprehensive grammar reference and practice book for all Post Primary students of French. The easy-to-follow theory and practice book will help students achieve a better grade in both written and oral expression, by improving their use of grammar.

Alles Klar Textbook & Portfoliobuch Set Junior Cycle German

Webb, Declan
Alles Klar is The ONLY three-year book for Junior Cycle German

The Parthenon

Woodford, Susan
An account of the building and decoration of the Parthenon and how it has survived to the present day as a outstanding monument to the classical art ideals of the ancient world.