Irish War of Independence

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Revolution: A Photographic History of Revolutionary Ireland 1913-1923

O Ruairc, Padraig Og
A thought-provoking collection of images of Ireland's revolutionary period, with commentary giving the reader glimpses of what happened and what life was like during the Irish revolution. Includes previously unpublished photos sourced from private collections, the Irish Military Archives, Kilmainham Gaol and British military museums.

Revolution in Dublin: A Photographic History 1913-1923

Gillis, Elizabeth
In the years 1913-23 Ireland went from being a loyal dominion of Great Britain to being the country that initiated the demise of her Empire. This book shows through fascinating photographs the story of the thousands of ordinary people who were involved in rebelling, either as active participants, or those just trying to live through the upheaval.

Revolutionary Dublin, 1912-1923: A Walking Guide

Gibney, John
John Gibney and Donal Fallon have spent years leading historical walking tours through the city, and now guide readers at their own pace through the revolutionary history of Dublin, bringing it to life in a novel way, from the perspective of the streets and buildings in which it took place.

Scariff Martyrs : War, Murder and Memory in East Clare

Mac Conmara, Dr. Tomas
'This incredible book is very, very important'. Damien Dempsey In November 2008, Tomas Mac Conmara sat with a 105 five-year-old woman at a nursing home in Clare. While gently moving through her memories, he asked the east Clare native; 'Do you remember the time that four lads were killed on the Bridge of Killaloe?'.

Sean Tracy and the Tan War

Ambrose, Joe
Re-evaluates the events and personalities of the War of Independence in Tipperary. This book looks back on Ireland's struggle for freedom. It is a journey into a turbulent period in Ireland's past - the past of charismatic guerrilla leader Sean Treacy, Tipperary's Flying Columns and the horrors of Croke Park's 'Bloody Sunday'.

Singing Flame

O'Malley, Ernie
The second book in Ernie O'Malley's memoirs of the War of Independence and Civil War in 1920s Ireland.

Story Of Michael Collins

Dheirg, Iosold
The life story of one of Ireland's most dramatic historical figures retold for younger readers.

Tans, Terrors and Troubles: Kerry's Real Fighting Story, 1913-1923

Dwyer, T. Ryle
Tans, Terror and Troubles: Kerry's Real Fighting Story 1913 -- 23 Since Kerry's Fighting Story was published by the Kerryman in 1947, no attempt has been made to cover the period of the War of Independence and the Civil War in Kerry, which were fought with particular ferocity. This book seeks to fill a gap - providing a broad look at events in Kerry during the decade from November 1913 to the ending of the Civil War in April 1923.

The Big Fellow: Michael Collins and the Irish Revolution

O'Connor, Frank
Popular biography of Michael Collins, written by a renowned Irish author, with a new introduction by filmmaker Neil Jordan.

The Burnings 1920

Lawlor, Pearse
Lawlor traces the events which led to serious sectarian rioting over three months in 1920 and highlights how the killing of two senior RIC officers resulted in violent anti-catholic pogroms in Banbridge, Dromore and Lisburn.

The Civil War in Dublin: The Fight for the Irish Capital, 1922-1924

Dorney, John
While the Irish Civil War first erupted in Dublin, playing out through the seizure and eventual recapture of the Four Courts, it quickly swept over the entire country.

The Day Michael Collins Was Shot

Ryan, Meda
Exciting and suspenseful narrative and an invaluble work of primary historical research.