Irish War of Independence

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Guerilla Days in Ireland - New Edition

Barry, Tom
The extraordinary story of the fight between two unequal forces, which ended in the withdrawal of the British from twenty-six counties. Before the Truce of July 1921, the British presence in County Cork consisted of over 12,500 men. Against these stood the Irish Republican Army whose flying columns never exceeded 310 riflemen in the county.

Harry Boland

Maher, Jim
The definitive story of Harry Boland, the ardent and prominent Republican, loyal confidant to de Valera and close friend to Michael Collins. This is a detailed and dramatic account of the intricate part played by him in Ireland's struggle towards independence.

I Signed My Death Warrant: Michael Collins and the Treaty

Dwyer, Dr Ryle T
To Michael Collins the signing of the Treaty between Ireland and Britain in 1921 was a 'stepping stone'. Eamon de Valera called it 'treason'. The controversy surrounding the Treaty which led to the Civil War of 1922-1923 is examined in this compelling study of the controversy surrounding the infamous negotiations.

Interned: The Curragh Internment Camps in the War of Independence

Durney, James
This unique book is the first to investigate the Curragh Internment Camps, which housed thousands of republicans from all over Ireland. It contains a list of names and addresses of some 1,500 internees, which will be fascinating to their descendants and those interested in local history, as well as an exploration and details of the 1921 escape, which was one of the largest and most successful IRA escape in history.

Ireland's War of Independence 1919-1921: The IRA's Guerrilla Campaign

Collins, Lorcan
An accessible overview of Ireland's War of Independence, 1919-21. From the first shooting of RIC constables in Soloheadbeg, Co Tipperary, on 21 January 1919 to the truce in July 1921, the IRA carried out a huge range of attacks on all levels of British rule in Ireland.

Irish War of Independence and Civil War

Gibney, John
In collaboration with History Ireland, the leading Irish history magazine publisher based in Dublin. The sixth title in P&S's new series 'Irish Perspectives'.

Killing at it's Very Extreme Volume 1

Molyneux, Derek
Killing At its Very Extreme takes us to the heart of events between October 1917 and November 1920 describing the ramping up in the intelligence war and an upsurge in raids, gruesome assassinations and counter-measures.

Liam Mellows, Soldier of the Irish Republic: Selected Writings, 1914-1922

McNamara, Conor
This landmark new study of the life of Republican leader Liam Mellows gathers letters, speeches, articles and IRA documents from archives in Ireland, the UK and the United States together for the first time to form an insightful analysis of Mellows' short but dramatic life. It examines his beliefs, fraught personal relationships, political betrayals and intrigue, and his struggle in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.

Limerick: The Irish Revolution, 1912-23

O'Callaghan, John
Limerick was a key social, political and military battleground during the Irish revolution of 1912-23. By examining a wide range of contemporary sources, O'Callaghan reveals what life was like for people from all sectors of Limerick society during these turbulent years.

Manny Man Does Revolutionary Ireland

Ruddy, John D.
John D. Ruddy brings history to life and makes it entertaining for everyone. His viral online hit, Manny Man, has amassed millions of YouTube views around the globe. After successfully taking on the history of Ireland, he turns his playful eye to the revolutionary period, telling the story of how Ireland fought for and won its freedom.

Markievicz: A Most Outrageous Rebel

Naughton, Lindie
Constance Markievicz, a woman with a huge heart, battled all her adult life to establish an Irish republic based on co-operation and equality for all. Her message is as relevant today as it was a century ago.

Michael Collins: A Biography

Coogan, Tim Pat
Presents the life of a man who became a legend in his own lifetime, whose idealistic vigour and determination were matched only by his political realism and supreme organisational abilities. This book provides an insight on Michael Collins life and work.