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The Acts of James II's Irish Parliament of 1689

Bergin, John

Poems of Olivia Elder

Carpenter, Andrew

1641 Depositions: Volume IV: Dublin

Clarke, Aidan

1641 Depositions: Volume V: Kildare & Meath

Clarke, Aidan
The 1641 Depositions (Trinity College Dublin, MSS 809-841) are witness testimonies mainly by Protestants, but also by some Catholics, from all social backgrounds, concerning their experiences of the 1641 Irish rebellion. The testimonies document the loss of goods, military activity, and the alleged crimes committed by the Irish insurgents, including assault, stripping, imprisonment and murder. This body of material is unparalleled anywhere in early modern Europe, and provides a unique source of information for the causes and events surrounding the 1641 rebellion and for the social, economic, cultural, religious, and political history of seventeenth-century Ireland, England and Scotland.

The 1641 Depositions. Volume VI: Laois and Offaly

Clarke, Aidan

The 1641 Depositions - Volume VII : Wexford

Clarke, Aidan

1641 Depositions: Volume X: Cork, Part 1

Clarke, Aidan

Calendar of State Papers, Ireland, Tudor Period 1568-1571

Cunningham, Bernadette

Campaign Journals of the Elizabethan Irish Wars

Edwards, David
This is a paperback reprint of the popular 2014 edition which has been out of print for some years.