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Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women

Campbell, Myles
Vicereines of Ireland uncovers the considerable contributions women behind the throne made to the social and cultural life of Ireland.

Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women

Campbell, Myles
By exploring previously unknown or rarely seen artworks by prominent Irish and British artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Vicereines of Ireland tells the untold story of the women who were the faces of the British administration in Ireland.

Richard Mulcahy: From the Politics of War to the Politics of Peace 1913-1924

Caoimh, Padraig O
Chief of Staff of the IRA, successor to Michael Collins as Commander in Chief of the National Army, founding member of Cumann na nGaedheal and later leader of Fine Gael: Richard Mulcahy was a leading figure in revolutionary Ireland and the new Irish State. But who was the enigmatic man behind the myth? Conspiratorial IRB nationalist; stubborn military tribune; pragmatic, political officeholder; or a fascinating combination of these and other traits?

The Quest for the Irish Celt: The Harvard Archaeological Mission to Ireland, 1932-1936

Carew, Mairead
The fascinating story of Harvard University's five-year archaeological research programme in Ireland during the 1930s to determine the racial and cultural heritage of Ireland's Celtic race.

Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass

Caron, David
Some thirty years since its first publication, David Caron returns with an updated and greatly expanded edition of the Gazetteer of Irish Stained Glass, the definitive guide to Irish stained glass from 1900 to the present day.

Irish Presidency

Coakley, John


Corish, Patrick J.

Delivering the Future: Reflections of a Rotunda Master

Coulter-Smith, Sam
For over 275 years, the Rotunda Hospital has been at the forefront of maternity services in Ireland. In Delivering the Future: Reflections of a Rotunda Master, Sam Coulter-Smith celebrates the history of the hospital, with a particular focus on the last thirty years, and explains why voluntary hospitals, with their ability to lead, adapt, research, and provide the best clinical services to their patients, play a vital role in maintaining and improving standards in our health service.

The Wrong Country: Essays on Modern Irish Writing

Dawe, Gerald