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Spiritual Wounds: Trauma, Testimony and the Irish Civil War

Aiken, Siobhra
Spiritual Wounds challenges the widespread belief that the contentious events of the Irish Civil War (1922–23) were covered in a total blanket of silence. The book uncovers a new archive of published testimonies by pro- and anti-treaty men and women, written in both English and Irish. Most of the testimonies discussed were produced in the 1920s and 1930s and nearly all have been overlooked in historical study to date. This is despite the fact that many of these writings were bestsellers in their own time.

Marshal William Carr Beresford: `The Ablest Man I Have Yet Seen With the Army'

Beresford, Marcus de la Poer
This is the remarkable story of one of the most celebrated and decorated Irish soldiers ever to fight in overseas service, and who was considered in all opinion as the Duke of Wellington’s ‘strong right arm’. Marshal William Carr Beresford: ‘The ablest man I have yet seen with the army’

Expressions of Nationhood in Bronze & Stone: Albert G. Power, RHA

Bhreathnach-Lynch, Sighle
At the time of his death in 1945, Albert Power was the leading nationalist sculptor in the Irish Free State, yet within a few decades he was almost forgotten. This first major examination of his life and career tells of one artist's contribution to national identity before and after political independence.

Cork International Exhibition 1902-1903

Breen, Daniel

John Hearne: Architect of the 1937 Constitution

Broderick, Eugene

Thomas Meagher : Forgotten Father of Thomas Francis Meagher

Broderick, Eugene
This is the biography of the Thomas Meagher, father of one of Ireland’s most famous patriots, Thomas Francis Meagher. Although perhaps overshadowed by his son, Thomas Meagher was a man of deeply held political and religious principles, who, through his philanthropic works and political career, helped shape the character of Ireland.

Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women

Campbell, Myles
By exploring previously unknown or rarely seen artworks by prominent Irish and British artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Vicereines of Ireland tells the untold story of the women who were the faces of the British administration in Ireland.

Vicereines of Ireland: Portraits of Forgotten Women

Campbell, Myles
Vicereines of Ireland uncovers the considerable contributions women behind the throne made to the social and cultural life of Ireland.